Moving on from an eating disorder?

After 7 years blogging on my previous blog,, it is definitely a little nerve wracking to move on to a new blog. I have not yet made the decision to completely move on from my previous blog, for now i will continue with this blog and my previous blog but they will have two different directions. Eventually i will let go of my previous blog and focus 100% on this blog.

I have been blogging since 2009, and i have been recovered from my previous eating disorders for 3+ years, so i felt that it was finally time to move on and focus on my new path. And that path entails veganism, sustainability, health, nutrition and happiness. I don’t promote going vegan when recovering from an eating disorder, so i felt i couldn’t write so much about it on my previous blog as it could be triggering. But on this blog i want to promote lifestyle changes towards a more vegan lifestyle and more planted based eating, even if you can not be 100% vegan, every small choice makes a difference and that is what i want to inspire. Also to share my knowledge about nutrition and primarily a vegan diet and nutrition, also sharing recipes and plant-based eating and cooking.

Because of my past with an eating disorder and depression as well as exercise addiction, i will still write posts about mental health and overall wellbeing as that is something i am passionate about and want to help those suffering with. However i don’t want it to be my primary focus, i dont want to be labelled as  “a recovered anorexic” or to be defined or judged by my past, instead i want a new focus and to focus on my present life and health.

I do understand that with this blog i am putting myself into the “vegan” box, however i am so much more than just a vegan and there is more to my life and more i want to share, so veganism will be a big part of this blog but i will share health, positivity, tips to cope with depression and anxiety, recipes and also i want to begin focusing more on youtube and vlogging. So the goal will be to make lifestyle vlogs, recipes, testing and tasting new vegan foods and also sharing cruelty free and vegan products.  Also exercise and workout tips will be shared as exercise is a huge part of my life and something i have never been able to post so much about on my previous blog due to it being triggering to those in recovery from an eating disorder.

This is a new chapter in my life and something i want to give 110% to succeed and hopefully i can help and inspire many of you in some form or another.

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