Vegan summer inspired dinner – Tofu nuggets, baked sweetpotato & focaccia bread

After a long day at work the last thing i want to do is stand in the kitchen and make food, especially not when i just want to sit on the balcony and try to get the last few rays of sunshine before the balcony is in shadow again.

I considered just eating watermelon for dinner as i had bought a 5kg watermelon earlier in the day, or maybe to stop and buy sushi on the way home, but i knew that wouldnt be so economical. Also since Saturday i have been craving focaccia bread and as i had all the ingredients at home i knew that i had to make some.


All in all my dinner took me 60 minutes to make, which is more than i usually spend making food however now i have delicious left overs for tomorrows lunch so it’s ok!

I began with making the bread and while that was rising i made tofu nuggets using cornflakes, baked sweet potatoe in the oven with just salt and oil, and the chickpeas and hummus are store bought!! And for those who always ask, the sauce used on this meal is pictured below!!

This was such a delicious meal and the bread and the chickpeas are a way of protein combining so that the whole meal has a complete protein source (though tofu is a complete protein source though not so high quality so adding beans/lentils and bread is a god way of maximising rpotein intake… if you are worried about those things. I just eat according to cravings and hunger and it ends up turning out nutritionally balanced anyway!)

The recipe for the nuggets and the bread will be posted tomorrow!


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