Overall fitness – my work goals 

This blog isn’t a workout blog and never will be. However as exercise is part of a healthy lifestyle I thought I would write about my fitness goals at the moment. 1) to keep myself accountable to them and 2) because alot of people ask me how I workout!
So first off, exercise is  a part of my daily life and it’s nothing I force myself to do. If I don’t feel like working out or if i don’t have time to workout I wont, simple as that! And two, I eat so that I have energy to live and to exercise, not the way around i.e workout so i can eat.

So, for those of you who don’t know my background, basically I started at the gym 2012, had no idea what I was doing and began doing 1-2 hours cardio 5-6 times a week and fell back into my overexercising again.  But then at the start of 2013 I began to go to gym classes and eventually vegan strength training on my own and fell in love with it, but also fell in love with running. So I combined those two things for the next several years, sometimes focusing more on running and other times more on gym training.

The past year though, due to injuries and depression I stopped running and just did the same gym movements over and over. Which at the start of 2017 left me unmotivated to go to the gym – doing the same thing over and over. So the past few months my gym visits lessened from 5-6 times a week to 1-3 times week (which is a perfectly normal amount!!) And I focused more on life. Recently though I’ve been missing intense workouts and realised just how bad it fitness actually is. Sure I can  bicep curls and do sit ups but pretty much everything else I suck at.

So I’ve set up a goal for myself that this summer I’m going to get back into running at least two times a week, no time limit and doesn’t matter if it’s intervals or steady state…. just to run for whatever time I feel like! And to stretch more i.e cardio and stretch the same day! And then 2-3 times a week do full body exercises such as deadlifts, pull ups, push ups, military press, squats and clean and jerk. And throw in some burpees here and there!

I’ve done this for about 2 weeks (?) Now and exercising is so much more fun now when i really challenge myself. Not to mention the first time I’m seeing progress in about a year (as I’ve just done the same thing over and over the past year. ) also feeling more physically fit! My goals have nothing to do with appearance but feeling more overall fit, being strong but also being able to fun and be functionally capable of all tasks. Because in all honesty, how great is it to be able to deadlift 150kg if you can’t even run 500m or if you can run 21km but can’t carry heavy groceries home!!!

For so long I’ve worked out without a goal and without progress so it feels good to both have a goal and notice progress!!!

And for those of you who ask the cardio I do is go running c.a 15-20 minutes two times a week (Which I’ve only done 2 weeks now!) And otherwise I walk a whole lot. Somedays according to my phone I walk 15 000 steps, other days I barely pass 4000 so it varies!! 🙂

Do you have any workout goals at the moment? Comment below!

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  1. I would like to vary my routine also!


  2. Are you managing to work towards your goal? how is it going?


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