Recipe – Tomato Focaccia & Tofu nuggets


The tofu nuggets don’t have an actual recipe, i was however inspired by THIS recipe from onegreenplanet.

I cut up half a block of tofu, c.a 125g. Mixed flour with salt, seasoning and all the aquafaba from one can of chickpeas. And in another bowl i crushed c.a 3 handfuls of cornflakes into a crumble (but not powder!). And then it was just to first coat the tofu pieces in the flour mix and then into the cornflakes before frying. My recommendation is to have 1 dry hand (that does the tofu and flour mix) and the other hand for the second part where the tofu gets coated in the cornflakes. This is so that the cornflakes dont get all soaked and soggy if you use both hands!

And then i fried them in a generous amount of oil on medium heat. I would recommend that you either marinate the tofu beforehand or use alot of seasoning in the flour mix as tofu doesnt have much of a taste! Also i am sure you can bake them but also deep fry them which i wanted to do but didnt have enough oil to do that.

The positive thing about tofu and soy products is that they are already “done” and so all you really need to do is make the coating a golden brown and then its ready to be eaten. Simple and delicious and doesnt take long at all, the only downside is the amount of dishes you have after you have finished cooking!

Let me know if you try either the bread or the tofu 🙂

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