Vegan dinner idea – Vegan halloumi

With my change of blog and now writing more about food and recipes i have felt alot more creative in the kitchen and feel more inspired to actually cook food instead of just throw ingredients together on a plate! Of course i like to keep my meals quick and simple to make and not using 101 different ingredients, so that is what you will find alot of on here… i.e 20 minute nutritious vegan meals!

Would you like for me to write more about the nutritional values and nutritional components of the meal? I don’t personally think so much about it when i make the food i eat, but if it would interest those of you who don’t know so much about vegan food i can write about it!

Yesterday i made my own version of tofu halloumi. Lets start off by saying that tofu halloumi will never taste like real halloumi just like vegan cheese or yoghurt will never taste like animal cheese or yoghurt and the same goes for vegan meat and real meat. They are two different things, however the vegan versions are atleast an alternative and if you really miss an animal product then you atleast have an alternative!

I didn’t follow an actual recipe, so here are 3 links to different Tofu halloumi recipes you can follow if you want an actual recipe: Recipe One, Recipe Two, Recipe Three.

What i did was to cut up half a block of tofu into thin slices and then let it marinate in a barbequq sauce for 30 minutes before frying on medium heat with oil until crispy! Does it taste like halloumi… not that saltiness, but it sort of has the texture if you miss that! It’s worth a try anyway 🙂

And then to make the meal more complete i used Risenta rice mix. (NOT sponsored… but i mean if they ever want to sponser me, that would be amazing because i love their products!) Hhowever there was some type of weird flavour mix in the rice mix so i wouldn’t personally buy this product again, but i’m planning to try the others once i get a chance!


A perfect summer meal according to me 🙂

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