Why am I vegan?


If i think back on my life and my habits it’s crazy that i didn’t go vegan before i actually did.. However if i look back on my diet and my love for certain animal products it’s crazy to think i actually went vegan.

I’ve never been a huge dairy or red meat lover, instead it has been fish, eggs, certain dairy products and chicken which i loved. At certain times i was eating 50% or more animal products in a day, something i never reflected over… it was just food like pasta or salad.

The rest of my family who i lived with are lacto-ovo-vegetarians and eat fish as well. My mum did cook a lot with beans and lentils when i was younger as well as when i was older she bought alot of tofu, quorn and soya products as well as using soya milk instead of dairy milk. So i did eat vegetarian and vegan options though i never thought of them that way, i just saw it as food.

Over time though i began to stumble across different vegan accounts and realised that vegan diets weren’t as restrictive as i had once thought, not to mention that when i began to see certain videos and clips it was hard to hide from the truth. Once you begin to open your eyes to the reality of the meat and dairy industry it’s hard to just shut it out and forget it. Of course  many people do that….. they don’t want to know the truth, they want to buy their chicken and pretend like it isn’t a dead animal, they want to buy their minced meat and not know exactly where that meat came from and the true cost of that package of meat.

For a long time i tried to ignore the reality and i was rather successful however at times it hit me hard and i couldn’t ignore the truth. Then in combination with a lot of things in my life and alot of stomach pain i decided to try a vegan diet once and for all…. see how it would affect me physically and mentally. I was scared to go vegan because i thought i wouldn’t be able to eat enough, wouldn’t get enough nutrients and that i would end up relapsing. The first few weeks i did lose weight, which was partly due to not realising just how much more i needed to eat on a vegan diet but also due to having had pancreatitis and that had caused alot of pain and lack of appetite…. so going vegan when not having alot of appetite wasn’t the best choice. But nonetheless, i lost weight and eventually regained it.

I went vegan overnight… from having my fridge filled with quark, cream cheese, yoghurt, egg, turkey slices and my freezer filled with chicken i then either ate it or got rid of it and replaced with all vegan alternatives. It has been a process of learning what Enumbers and aditives aren’t vegan, learning which products have hidden animal products and learning to read the ingredients. But soon enough and with the help of facebook groups it was easy to go food shopping and it wasn’t a burden, all i saw was the amount of things i COULD eat and not the foods i choose to not eat.

But onto the actual topic, why am i vegan?

For ethical reasons foremost. I do believe that a plant-based diet is healthy however i have my thoughts regarding if it is the most optimally healthy and can times believe that an omnivore diet would be the healthiest from a nutrition point of view, however…. i can’t bring myself to eat meat or dairy and i would much rather spend money on vegan supplements than to eat animal products. So no, i am not vegan for health reasons… then i wouldn’t eat the amount of chocolate and Oreos i eat.

When i began to find videos from inside slaughterhouses and videos from inside laboratories where animal testing is done, it was hard to hide from the truth. I have always been kind to animals and even insects when i was younger. I have loved all animals and been more of an animal person than a people person….. however before i went vegan i wouldn’t say i was an animal lover. It might sound strange, but it’s not like i looked at an animal and wanted to keep it safe or take care of it or even cared about it. I was a dog lover and that was about it. HOWEVER, when i began to open my eyes to the meat industry and realized just how many animals died each day just to become meat i knew i couldn’t and didn’t want to contribute to that. And over this past year as a vegan i have become much more of an animal lover than i was before. Now i can feel sad when i see a dead animal on the street, i can stop and look at birds or other animals and just smile and see how beautiful they are and wish them all the best (yes, it might sound crazy!). But now i can see how smart animals are and it saddens me immensely that so many people don’t see or feel what i (or other vegans!) feel.

I saw a quote a while back where it said something along the lines of,  being vegan isn’t hard but knowing that you can’t make people feel or care is the hard part.

And this is very true…. Because i can show all the videos and pictures i want to people, but i can’t make them care if they don’t. If people don’t understand or want to understand they won’t care either…. that’s why it is so easy for people who aren’t vegan to see vegans as extreme because they don’t really understand or care about the animal lives….

I am vegan because i don’t want to contribute to the death of an animal or the torture of an animal just so that i can feed myself or so that i can have white teeth or a certain perfume. It’s not worth it for me, especially not when there are so many vegan and cruelty free options that i don’t understand why you wouldn’t choose those options.

I am also vegan for the planet however sometimes my choice of food or items i buy conflict with this so i can’t say that every choice i make i consider the planet, however i do my best.

I am vegan because i believe that all animals deserve to live and have a good life, not just cats and dogs. You might think it is strange that people eat horses and dogs in different animals… well i think it is just as strange that you eat pigs, cows and chicken. Of course, i know i once ate those and had no thought about it – but opinions change. However i wont  ever judge or criticize anyone… however i will do my best to inspire and tell the facts when they are asked for.19553136_10155369336954019_389855500_n (2)

Not everyone can or wants to go fully vegan – i understand that, but i still believe that all small choices make a difference. Whether you eat plant based for the animals, for the planet or for health it doesn’t matter… it still makes a difference. Even if you just eat 50% vegetarian, it still makes a difference and i wish more people would realize this. You don’t have to be 0% vegan or 100% vegan, you can still eat plant-based meals and buy cruelty free products and make a difference!!

I am vegan because i want to and believe i can make a difference. I would love to join different vegan groups in the future when i find the time, but for now i am happy knowing i can inspire my friends and family in real  life and also people through my social media. Every small choice makes a difference, remember that!!!


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  1. Hey Izzy,
    you’ve mentioned laboratories with animal testing: how do you feel about that when it comes to medical testing and science. I’m asking that because I’m sure you oppose animal testing in the cosmetic industry but I wanted to know your opinion on this other field.


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