The perfect sweet potato fries

Making sweet potato fries is very easy and you can vary what seasoning you like! Also they can be made with or without oil, however I almost always use oil as it adds that crispness not to mention that rapeseed oil is a source of omega 3 and also the fat helps the absorption of vitamin A in the sweet potato! (A little bit of nutrition info for you!)
Before making the fries I chop them up and put into a bowl of cold water for c.a 30 minutes. That washes away some of the starch which makes the fries more crispy instead of soft when you bake them. And after that I put the fries into a plant bag,add oil, salt and seasoning…. mix it all together and then put the fries on a baking pan and the fries shouldn’t be too close to each other! And then into the oven for c.a 20-25 minutes on 225° 🙂

And then eat which ever way you like! On it’s own, with guacamole, with salad,with tofu etc etc 

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  1. To clarify – how long do you put them in cold water for ? 39 minutes? Good tip !


    1. Its a healthy lifestyle says:

      Haha yes specially 39 minutes… no more or less 🤣🤣 (that’s what happens when you type on your phone!). But anywhere from 20-60 minutes or more works!


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