Sweet potato, red lentil &bean chili recipe (vegan!)

Red lentils, potatoes and beans… doesn’t get much cheaper or nutritious than that! Not to mention that this meal is easy to make, takes c.a 20 minutes and is filling,tasty and lots of vitamins and minerals, not to mention if you combine the lentil soup with some bread you have a perfectly combined meal with carbohydrates, protein and fat (with the avocado!).

How to make the chili?

Ingredients: red lentils, Sweet potato, package of mixed beans, crushed tomatoes, spices, sweet corn & then top with whatever you like, I chose avocado, peanuts and oat cream and had some left over potatoes to eat!

1) wash the red lentils to get rid of some the starch and limit them from over cooking and bubbling up.

2) Begin to boil the lentils on medium heat and after c.a 5 minutes add the chopped sweet potatoes. Add the spices and stir every now and then so the red lentils don’t stick to the bottom of the pot.

3) After 15-20 minutes add the beans, crushed tomatoes and veggies/Sweet corn.

4) let simmer and cook until the red lentils and potatoes are soft.

5) Plate up and serve!

Simple as that and so so tasty. Also you can vary what beans you use or what sort of potato, not to mention you can use green lentils instead if you like and add other vegetables to vary the dish 🙂

Give it a try and perfect for serving many or making meal boxes!








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  1. cezk1 says:

    Love this!


  2. I really like this recipe! One thing though, what amount of lentils do you use (weight) ? I never know how much to use and this puts me off making anything with lentils. I guess its like rice – a little swells and goes a long way but if you can even give me a rough idea of the quantity that would be great as I really want to try this recipe 🙂


    1. Lentils don’t really swell up, So the amount you use as dry weight is the same as when cooked 🙂 I used about 1,5dl red lentils and that mixed with everything else gave about 3 portions 🙂 usually when I make lentils though I guesstimate around 1dl lentils per portion if I’m making soup or just lentils on its own:) when you mix in beans, vegetables etc you don’t need as much lentils though!


  3. Thanks Izzy – this is great. I am never sure of how much to use and usually end up preparing far too much for what I want. Going to give your recipe a try now 🙂


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