Do I eat everything I post?

One of the most frequent questions i get asked on my Ig and in my DM’s is do i eat everything i post.

And my answer is that yes… if it’s on my plate i eat it. There are only few times where i put so much on my plate that i don’t manage to eat it all (happens rarely) or that i load my oatmeal with far too much chocolate and/or peanut butter that i cant manage to eat it all in one sitting, but once again… that is a rare occasion. Most often, i eat even more than what i post and take seconds!


My Instagram account isn’t my food diary, most often i plate up my food, take a picture and then add more food afterwards or put it all in a meal box and take it with me to work/school, and have added more food. So the “real” food isn’t always pictured.

You have to remember that instagram isn’t real life. There are many food accounts that post food pictures that they don’t always eat. Some people make food for others and claim it to be their own, some people eat only a little of what they post, some throw away the food and unfortunately I’ve read from some accounts who have confessed that they have eaten the food and purged it afterwards. It makes me sad to read about these confessions which the owners have finally admitted to, but it doesn’t surprise me either. People want likes and followers and know that certain pictures will get those likes. I’m not immune to this, i know my potato pictures get alot of likes however i also eat all the potatoes which are pictured and my love for potatoes is HUGE! Maybe one day i will tired of potatoes, then i won’t eat them and there won’t be pictures of them either.

It is also important to remember that some meals i post are meals i ate the day before or even a few days before, so unless i state “eating this right now” it might be a meal from a day or few days earlier. However i usually write whether the meal is a current one or an old one 🙂

Also i want to note, that if i do eat an oatmeal bowl which is filled to the brim with chocolate, peanut butter and/or oreos that can keep me going for several hours, or sometimes for my next meal all i am craving is vegetables or something light such as lentil and vegetable soup. This is not to compensate but because after a very sweet and energy laden meal it keeps me full for hours and afterwards im not craving a heavy meal – if this makes sense 🙂 For example if you eat a huge pizza and fries you are most likely going to crave salad or something fresh later on… it’s the same with a filling oatmeal bowl topped with lots of sweetness and peanut butter 🙂

So yes, i eat what i post. I don’t see the point in lying and creating a false image. I won’t spend money on food i don’t eat or waste my time or energy to create food which won’t be eaten. This is one of the reasons why i don’t bake as much as i used to, because i don’t have anyone to share my baked goods with and then it is not as fun to bake if it is only me eating and then it ends up lying in the freezer for weeks or months. So instead i just make things such as peanut butter cups or sweet potato brownies with stevia which i eat a little of everyday and don’t feel the need to share, hahah:)

Being open, honest and real on social media is one of the most important things for me! If i think that someone is fake on instagram or posts food just for “Likes” then i often unfollow because i can’t deal with fakeness.

What are your opinions on this? 🙂


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  1. Hi girl, as you know I used to be amazed by the amount you eat but now I get what you say – you and your body need the food you eat in those quantities and everyone is different. With crohns I can only pit a small amount in my stomach at one time . . .
    On instagram I feel a lot of people with eating disorders, or not necessarily a disorder but a difficult relationship with food, post pics of their meals full of enthusiastic cravings for the meal but you just know that they have not or will not eat it based upon the overall general tone of their account. If a young girl complains because she was 43 calories over her lunch total posts a huge calorie laden dinner saying how great it looks … you just know she is fooling herself and her followers. For what reason?
    Also find it curious when a young girl in the depths of an ed gives excellent advice to others – “you can do it, your body needs good food so ignore calories and just eat” – but clearly does not apply that advice to herself – curious. Perhaps the rational and theoretical are not as powerful as the disordered voice.
    I would be interested in your thoughts.


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