Recipe: Wrap with sweet potato & red lentil balls breaded with cornflakes

Those mornings when you wake up, stare into the pantry and fridge and just don’t know what to eat. I didn’t feel like my usual oatmeal or yoghurt breakfast and amn’t much for sandwiches in the morning. There was cornflakes i could eat, but i would have to eat about 4 bowls to keep myself satisfied and i wasn’t craving cereal.I didn’t have any bananas or chia seeds and not enough flour to make pancakes or scones.

I gave myself some thinking time and did computer work before i decided to make a savoury breakfast with some of the left overs i had in the fridge. I had pre boiled lentils in the fridge and salad that had to be eaten, so i heated up a sweet potato in the microwave and began to make my breakfast!

My breakfast idea turned into sweet potato and lentil balls which were breaded in cornflakes and fried before adding them to a wrap.

As it was just a “creation recipe” I didn’t measure anything, but I’ll write the ingredients and “how to” below.



1 baked sweet potato (either in the microwave or oven, but it should be soft, and let it cool down for a while so it’s easier to mash and work with.)

c.a 1-1,5dl boiled red lentils – remove the excess water.

Flour to bind it all together.

Cornflakes – ground so that it’s in small pieces.



How to:

Mash together the sweet potato and red lentils and add enough flour so that it holds together and you can roll the mix into small balls.

Then coat the balls in the ground cornflakes and fry with a lots of oil – this will make the cornflakes more crispy!

Allow to cool down for a little before you then eat them as they are, or in a wrap!

My wraps included salad, hummus, kale rice, oat cream and one had barbecue sauce, the other had mustard!!

A very delicious and savoury breakfast! The meal didn’t take more than 15 minutes to make, and if you have left over pre baked sweet potato and lentils in the fridge it would take even shorter time to make – and you can of course skip the cornflakes part and just fry as they are, with or without oil! But why skip on those two delicious steps? 🙂


20170629_131909These wraps were not as easily eaten as it was making them though hahaha! Definitely not a first date food 🙂

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  1. Just wanted to say that i love the recipes that you are making and posting on here – so unique and creative!
    If you make these again to go in a wrap maybe you could shape them into “sausage” shapes rather than balls – will make it easier to eat 🙂
    I really look forward to seeing more of your “creations” in future posts!


    1. Thank you 🙂 I might try that next time, thank you for the tip!


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