Vegan fish and chips using semolina – Recipe

Whenever there is a new vegan product or trend within the swedish vegan community it is always noticeable in the groups i am in.

When new products such as lentil chips, Oumph, vegan butter that tastes like butter, MAC fast food Oumph menu item and new vegan candy is released i end up seeing 101 photos of them in my news food. But also when certain dishes become popular and everyone starts making the same dish and sooner or later even I am tempted to try making that dish, and that was how it was with this “fake fish” meal.

About a week ago i started seeing photos of breaded fish, that wasn’t fish but looked very much like it, and over the week i saw more and more photos and the recensions were 90% positive. Then when i looked at the recipe and saw that semolina was the main fish ingredient i was skeptical to say the least but decided to give it a go anyway.

So lets get one thing clear. Does it taste, smell or have the texture of fish? No it doesn’t. Vegan substitutes are exactly that, substitute… they are made of completely different ingredients (thank gosh!!!) and they won’t taste the same as the meat version. So if you are a huge lover and fish and chips, then unfortunately this won’t be the most amazing thing you taste (though i think Gardein has a vegan fish substitute which is supposed to be very good!). This is however an option and alternative which was very good and strangely nice. Maybe i am just “scarred” and think that strange things taste good, but also that i haven’t eaten meat in more than a year and i don’t personally miss it so i am not looking for some vegan food that tastes and has the texture just the same as meat. Now we have this clear, lets move on 🙂


The recipe comes from Mattias Kristiansson and the recipe can be found on Kö . As it is not my recipe i can’t share it on here but i can write the ingredients so you know what to buy 🙂

Semolina, water, oat milk, lemon, dill,panko bread crumbs and oil to fry in. And the you can make mashed potatoes or boiled potatoes and mushy peas if you want the classic english dish!

It’s a recipe that doesn’t take so long to make though a few too many dishes to clean afterwards in my opinion, not to mention that the panko goes everywhere, haha. Also make sure to fry the fish for a while on both sides otherwise it will get a little mushy, and let the semolina mix sit in the fridge or freezer for a while so it is cold and compact and doesn’t fall apart when you are going to coat it with panko!

Also some nutritional add ons! As fish is a source of lean protein and fatty fish is a source of omega 3 and 6, i would recommend that you maybe make a salad with some beans or tofu and add some walnuts or flax-seed oil and then the meal will have more protein and fatty acids. HOWEVER it is also important to remember that it is ok if one meal is more carb heavy as you do eat other things the rest of the day, and like mentioned above, the vegan substitutes will have different macronuritrients than the meat alternative as they are made out of completely different things!

If you try this dish, let me know, i would love to know what you think 🙂


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  1. Mmm those photos looks divine 👌


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