Thoughts you have working at a food store/ at the cashier 

For those of you who don’t know, I work at different food stores as my part time job. It’s perfect to combine with school and to have as a job during the summer.  Working at a food store might not be my dream job or what I plan to do forever but it is fun and a way to earn money so for now I’m happy with it!

I thought I would write some of the thoughts I have while working at a food store and when sitting at the cashier! I know many worry that the cashier will judge them for what they buy, and I can’t answer for everyone, there are of course cashiers who like to comment on what people buy and who are more judgemental, but I personally don’t think so much about what people buy. Partly because it makes it easier to scan all the animal products if i just block it out. But also im just thinking about not messing up and putting in the right code so I don’t have much time to think about what the customer is buying. However there is an exception to that, if a person is buying an extreme amount of something for example ive had customers buy 20 packages of bread and other customers buy c.a 15kg meat and others have bought extreme amounts of toilet paper…. then I sort of react but forget it 2 minutes later hahah. Also if someone buys all vegan then I can notice it and at times have commented something along the lines of “that product is so good!” Or even “I’m glad to see someone else buying vegan!”. But otherwise I don’t comment or think about what people buy!

Usually when I’m working I can think about lots of random things.  

I wonder what weather it is.

I wonder what the others are thinking about.

I think about the food I will eat later.

Sometimes I see new products and make a note to buy it or remake a vegan version of it later.

I see some products and wonder why they have animal products in them. And wish they were vegan.

I wonder what time it is.

I remember old embarrassing memories and just want to hide, hahaha.

But most of the time I don’t think so much.  Sometimes I think of funny memories and end up smiling, and that can be awkward when I’m scanning items and suddenly begin smiling haha. Working at a cashier or in the aisles you don’t have to think so much which is kind of nice. That’s why I like working at a store while combining school because then when I work I don’t have time to worry or think about school or school work!!

My goal is of course to work with nutrition, health and food. But that’s what I’m doing on my blog as well and I’ll see where I end up in the future:)

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  1. Its good that you are enjoying your summer job – although it must be hard at times working with the customers it must also be nice getting to meet so many different people? I like to see a smileing cashier, and one that chats to you rather than just wiz the shopping through so fast you can`t keep up with the packing! Are you going to keep the job going when uni starts up again?


    1. Exactly 🙂 I dont really know how i will do with work when school starts again, i think i want to keep working during weekends and evenings but i think i will try to get work at once specific store so it’s not an agency and i work different all the time as i am starting to feel that it is very draining and uncertain, and that adds alot of stress and anxiety which i don’t need in my life!


  2. Yes – its hard not knowing what hours you are doing and what your wages will be from one week to the next. I used to work for a nursing agency and had to give it up because there was just too much uncertainty and in the end I just wanted to have a job that paid a guaranteed wage with regular set hours so I knew where I was with everything.
    Especially when you are living away from home and have rent and bills to pay – then it does matter if there is no or little work that week.


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