Make your own granola

Store bought granola is one of the best things i know, i can eat it like candy and straight out of the box! However most granolas in the store are made using honey, have some form of milk protein in them or are filled with sugar. So not the best alternative if you plan to eat alot of granola everyday, not to mention that the granola which is made without sugar and honey are alot more expensive than the others so it is not economical for a me, a student, to buy it so often.

However, making your own granola is very simple and you can vary the flavour and extras as much as you like!

All you really need is oats and other forms of grains which is the base such as puffed brown rice, buckwheat oats, quinoa etc

Then you need the wet ingredients and i most often use coconut oil (No, i have never used it because of its “supposed” healthy traits, i’ve always known that coconut is not as healthy as it is proclaimed to be. However i love the coconut taste in my granola, but you can use whatever oil form you like – which isnt too sensitive to heat.)  You can also use applesauce as a sweetner and mash in a banana for more liquid and sweetness, i have never tried adding a mashed banana though so not sure about the results!

For sweetner i most often use stevia and vanilla powder.

And if i am making granola with the taste of peanut butter i will mix peanut butter with some water to thin it out and then mix it in as well.

And then it is just to add you extras such as nuts, seeds, berries, coconut chips, ginger pieces and the list goes on, and when the granola is done in the oven you can add cacao nibs or chocolate chips for a little more sweet granola!

You can also add different spices such as cinnamon, vanilla, ginger etc

To make the granola you mix the dry and wet ingredients so that it is all mixed together and in small clumps so that all the oats and “base” have some of the oil and flavour on them. And then you roast in the oven for c.a 20-30 minutes on 175 degrees.

Some of my favourite granola is just nuts and raisins mixed in or cookie dough granola where the only real difference is that you add peanut butter, some oatmilk as liquid and then chocolate chips at the end.

Do you like granola? What is your favourite granola flavour/combo?


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  1. My favourite is blueberry and vanilla – but I also like prune and golden syrup! Sometimes I scatter it with pecan nuts too.


    1. Yummm! I love pecan nuts in my granola, but pecans are so expensive so i rarely buy them 😦


  2. Milli says:

    That’s so helpful! And funny because I wanted to make some but wasn’t sure how to make it – most recipes seemed too complicated tbh. But now I know how to make it and sure will make some 😊


    1. If you make some granola, let me know what you think 🙂 What flavour/extras did you use? 🙂


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