My best tips for when you catch a cold 

It may be summer but this weekend it was definitely not warm, And I didn’t make the smartest decision when I spent the whole day outside wearing just a dress and a thin cardigan when it was cold and windy outside. But also in the evening I was at a theme park surrounded by so many people and children so it’s not so strange that on Monday I got a sore throat which progressively got worse, felt tired and had no energy, no appetite and almost lost my voice now. I can’t remember the last time I had a cold, But I’m so thankful I don’t have one so often as this feeling is awful and the sore throat is the worst!

I thought that i would share my best tips to help get better when you’ve gotten a cold!

1) ginger and lemon tea.

It’s as simple as boiling water and adding lemon and ginger, And if you’re not vegan you can add honey. This works wonders for my throat!

2) garlic! Lots and lots of garlic!

Garlic is antibacterial and is great to help fight off bacteria and get better quicker! So I add garlic to all my food, or as much as possible anyway!!!

3) rest, water and nourishing food!

Let your body rest. Take naps. Cancel the plans so that you can just lie in bed and rest for a few days! And don’t forget to drink water and eat nourishing food, it’s easy to forget those things or to just eat ice cream. Of course it’s better to eat something than nothing at all, but try to eat some veggies and fruit anyway! Also note, extra c vitamin won’t help you recover quicker as some people think. It has a slight protective quality if you consume c.a 1g of c vitamin, But once you are sick it doesn’t have any protective quality against the illness.

4) ice cream or smoothies for your throat!

You may not want to only eat ice cream when you are sick, But it sure works wonders for your sore throat! My recommendation is a nut based ice cream as apparently soy and dairy may not be the best option when sick, However don’t take my word for that! Whatever ice cream soothes your throat does the job 🙂 but don’t forget that smoothies or banana ice cream work just as well!!

5) gargling salt water

If you have a very sore throat this can work as temporary soothing! However it may have to be done several times a day, But the salt can help kill off bacteria in the throat!

These are my best tips for when you catch a cold. But of course trying not to stress, resting and just giving your body fluids and nourishment will help you get better within a few days. And if doesn’t go away or symptoms get worse then it’s a good idea to go to a doctor:)

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  1. Hope you feel better soon! I think catching a summer cold is worse than in the winter because you least expect it.
    Also gargling with soluble asprin/paracetomol really helps a sore throat. Apart from that it is all you can do but rest and keep warm and cosy – and hope that it passes soon!


    1. Yes i agree. In summer you just want to be out in the sun and doing things, but now when i’m sick all i’ve done is lie in bed for 72 hours, luckily it’s been bad weather so i haven’t missed the good weather. I am feeling better now anyway but will still need a few more days of rest 🙂


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