The importance of balance in life.  – What is balance and why do I preach it?

Having balance in life is one of my main mottos and the thing I preach the most about? Why? Because for so many years in my life I lived with extremes and without balance.

All different extremes.

Either I ate too little or ate too much. Either I exercised too much or was on 24/7 bed rest and in a wheel chair. I would isolate myself for friends and family. I would focus 150% on school work and nothing else.

I had an unbalanced lifestyle according to me. However it is important to remember that balance is different for everyone in terms of food, exercise, lifestyle. What is healthy and balanced for one person may not be healthy and balanced for an other, which is why I preach finding YOUR own balance! But also to remember that what is healthy and balanced at one point in your life may differ later on in your life.

So what is healthy and balanced? For me it means that I’m not at any extremes but also living a life that makes me happy. Choosing what makes me happy and feel most at peace. For example some days that means going to the gym and eating lots of vegetables, other days that means skipping the gym so I can spend the whole day with friends and have a picnic, other days it means saying no to meeting friends because I just need an evening to lie in bed and watch series and other days it may mean going out for a glass of wine with friends. Some days my balance means two workouts and a whole day of productivity and other days it means a day of self care and rest.

So as you can see, It varies… But choosing what will make me feel best and happiest.

Of course in life sometimes you need to force yourself to do things such as, maybe not everyday you want to go to work or school but you know you have to. But also if you are an introvert somedays you may have to force yourself to go out and meet friends because you know that otherwise you will isolate yourself for far too long, or if you are someone who hates exercising then somedays maybe you need to force yourself to go out and do something. Or if you are someone who lives on processed and junk food, then you may need to force yourself to eat more salads and unprocessed food.

But balance means finding YOUR balance with food i.e how to eat so you are satisfied,get all the nutrients you need but also eat junk food in moderation whether that’s once a month or once a week.

Finding your balance with exercise, for some it’s two times a week, others it’s some form of exercise everyday.  But whatever works best for YOU!

Finding your balance in your social life, being able to spend time alone but also not isolating yourself.

With balance it should also make life more enjoyable. Make you feel more at peace!

What I’ve found in my journey towards a balanced lifestyle is that it requires you to be honest with yourself. Being honest about what I want to do and how I’m feeling. It’s easy to lie to yourself and push past i.e meet friends even if I know I need to rest, working out even if I may feel like just going for a walk, or studying extreme amounts even if I want to do something else. Or saying no to things even if I want to say yes. So it’s about being honest with myself and that is an everyday thing for me So I can make the best decision each day so I feel the most happy!

Give it time, be honest to yourself about what you want and need and figure out what is best for you! Everyone’s balance is different.

For example, I can eat something sweet everyday and find that that is my balance but for others they prefer one day a month where they can eat junk food, and who is to say that one is better than the other.  As long as it works and the person feels healthy/balanced!!

This is my thoughts on the subject anyway, feel free to comment your own thoughts about what balance means to you!

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  1. Balance for me is feeling happy and content within myself – if something is wrong ie I am stressed, super busy, tired or whatever I just don`t feel “right”. Then things in life get out of sync and I need to spend some time for myself. It is also about doing the things you have to do each day and having that satisfaction knowing you have done them.
    I think its also about knowing yourself – knowing what you need when you need it and allowing yourself to follow your feelings. Some days I like to keep busy and will be full of energy doing things around the house, other days I just want to get away from the house and enjoy being out doors. It is finding a combination of what works for you – and not feeling guilty for it. Some days I like to be adventurous and cook something special for tea, but I also feel ok about putting a quick and simple meal together too. It is not feeling guilty about the way that you feel.
    I enjoy my “me time” but I also enjoy time spent with friends/family. I am happy to spend time alone doing my own thing but also like to do things with other people. Balance is not about too much of one thing and not enough of something else, it is creating a lifestyle that works for you and one that you can be happy with.


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