Are you addicted to social media? Is social media taking over your life?

If you are someone who doesn’t use alot of social media then maybe you can’t relate to what i am going to write about in this post, but i think for many this may be something to think about.

I’ll start off by saying i use social media ALOT, most likely more than is healthy and more than the average person. I am pretty sure that a social media detox would do me good. I really don’t have much of a valid excuse or reason for my high social media usage, so maybe i am not the best person to write this post. However throughout my years i have done alot of self reflecting and analyzing, how and why i use social media. And also to not let social media affect me negatively like it once did before.

According to the Independent, Instagram has been ranked as one of the social media platforms which has worst affect on peoples mental health as there is so much comparison and the pressure to be perfect and have perfect pictures can lead to negative thinking.

It is so easy to compare youself to others on social media, think that people have perfect lives, always look perfect, always eat perfect food and have amazing friends and partners. But there is so much more which you have no idea about. People create an image and only post what they want you to see, i am guilty of this as well.

I am guilty of spending a little too long trying to get a food picture. I am guilty of ordering food which would be good for the ‘gram instead of what i actually wanted i.e ive ordered a burger before when i actually wanted a salad just because i knew the burger would get more likes. I am guilty of making certain i don’t even like just because it has been a trend (one thing wanting to test a trend such as the avocado burger which i did like and eat, and another thing to try a trend which consists of food you don’t even like but make it anyway.) I have been negatively impacted and affected by social media before, put my worth in likes and followers but the past year i have come to the realization that there is more to life than perfect pictures and social media, that i likes and followers don’t define my worth. Of course sometimes i need to remind myself of this as it can be easy to fall into the trap of “why didn’t this get so many likes”. The thing about instagram though is that SO MANY people just scroll and don’t like, they are ghost followers and some just don’t like images, and that doesn’t matter.


What i love about instagram is the interaction i build up with people. Getting to know people through their captions, pictures and instastories. Making some form of online friendship and the communication and interaction, THAT is what i love. But also i love knowing i can help and inspire on instagram that is why i do it. I still care about what photos i post, hence why i don’t just post everything, i keep myself to the theme of food but maybe in the future i will make another account where i will post more lifestyle however for now i am happy with how my account is. But also i post the pictures i want to post and the food i am eating.

I have heard people confess that they make food and post pictures of it that they don’t even eat. They order food at restaurants they don’t eat. People who spend hours just trying to get perfect pictures and their life is lived through a camera and on social media, forgetting to live life. I’ve been there and sometimes i am still there, so this post is also a reminder to myself.

Post because you want to post. Post with or without a message/caption. Don’t put your worth in likes or followers or try to copy others. The thing i have learnt about social media is that being genuine, honest and yourself is one of the best ways to succeed. Of course having good content is also important (i.e hence the comparison, pressure and stress of instagram), but there should be some form of passion and enjoyment as well…. if you don’t enjoy what you are doing then why are you doing it? No one is forcing you to be on social media and even if it is your job then you should still enjoy it to some extent.

There is nothing wrong with wanting a good feed or nice pictures or following a certain theme,  i would be very hypocritical if i said it was. However it is a fine line between it being obsessive and becoming a pressure and stress instead of something that is atleast somewhat fun!!

If you use social media what are your thoughts about this? I know i am coming from the “inside” i.e someone who spends alot of time on instagram and has been negatively effected by it i.e wanting perfect pictures, stressing over posting and just comparing myself to everyone and putting my worth in likes and followers. But i feel like i am alot better at distancing myself from it now and doing it for enjoyment even if it is fun with likes and followers, being able to spread my message and interact with people is why i keep posting and why i enjoy it so much!!



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  1. I rad an article in a magazine recently where a family decided that their usage of social media was far too high and time consuming – preventing them from doing other things as a family – so they made a rule that for one whole day a week there would be no internet and that there would be a daily ban from 7.00pm until 700am. Initially they found it very very hard and there were lots of arguments and tension. But as time went on they got used to it and found other things to do instead – particularly spending more time together and doing things a family – something there was very little of before.
    Its amazing just how easy it is for social media and the internet to take over our lives and I`m sure there are many people affected. It was an interesting article to read


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