Vegan Oreo cookies 

Before i get into the recipe, lets start off with the question of: Are oreos vegan?


In Sweden and the UK, yes…. in other countries and in the US, i don’t know. From what i understand, oreos in the US have milk powder and aren’t vegan, but also some special oreo flavours have milk powder and aren’t vegan.

In Sweden and the UK oreos do have cross contact with milk in the factory. This means that the oreos are made in the same machine where there has been milk powder/protein, so this means if you are allergic to milk protein then maybe you should skip the oreos just in case. And if the idea of having your food even close or have any contact with animal products as disgusting, well then there are plenty of other vegan cookies you can buy or make! However as i see it personally, and i know many other vegans have the same opinion, as the milk isn’t an active ingredient, or something that the company has actively put into the cookies then i amn’t promoting the use of milk protein or increasing the demand for cookies with milk in them. This is my opinion, some may say that just by buying oreos i am contributing to the demand of animal products and paying a company that abuses and exploits animals. This is of course differing opinions and that is ok.


So make your choice, if you don’t think oreos are vegan or they disgust you, then don’t buy them 🙂

Onto the recipe….  Before i went vegan i made oreo cookies (cookie and cream cookies) which i adored and decided to try to veganize them. The cookes didn’t turn out crispy or crunchy, more soft and a little spongy but they were still delicious nonetheless, however the recipe will have to be changed a little  (i think because i used stevia instead of white sugar) to see if i can make them more crunchy like the store bought cookies 🙂

The recipe:

125g vegan margarine

c.a 0,8dl farin sugag/brown caster sugar

c.a 0,5-1dl stevia

c.a 200g white flour

c.a 0,5dl oatmilk.

1 tsp baking powder

1/2 package oreos.

Cream together the butter (at room temperature) with the brown sugar and sugar/stevia until its fluffy.

Mix together the flour and baking powder and add to the mix.

Add in the oat milk and crushed  oreos and mix so that it becomes a dough. Not too wet and not too dry.

Into the oven at c.a 200 degrees for 15-20 minutes.


And if you want to go that extra mile like i did, cover oreos with the dough so that it becomes a double cookie!

Let cool for a while before eating!

Keep in mind that this recipe isn’t perfect and does need some fixing, so they may not turn out amazing or perfect, but they were delicious that is why i am sharing the recipe 🙂




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  1. This weekend I`m going to bake this recipe – but using gluten free Bourbons or custard creams instead as Oreos aren’t gluten free. I`m hoping it will turn out just as good – will let you know!


  2. just a thought – maybe cook the cookies in the oven for a little longer to see if that makes them more crunchy?


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