Vegan staple foods to have at home


I thought i might do a grocery haul someday, but i buy very basic food at the moment and pretty much the same food all the time as my food budget isnt so high, but also when i enjoy a food i want to eat it 4 times a day, hahaha. But here is a list of some of the staple foods you should have at home as a vegan!

And i will make a post about vegan food combining coming up soon – or hopefully tomorrow 🙂

Lentils – Whichever you like best, there are many different types of lentils.

Beans – chickpeas are great, and you can use the aquafaba from the tin to bake with. Or for a cheaper version, buy dried chickpeas and soak/cook them yourself! Also blackbeans, mung beans and other beans are also great to have at home!

Potatoes – different kinds. Potatoes include almost everything we need apart from essential fatty acids! Mix it up and buy different kinds of potatoes. Also you can do SO MUCH with potatoes, so get creative!

Quinoa and rice and bulgur – all contain vitamins and minerals and a great source of carbohydrates. Also there are different types of rice, so you can vary each time you buy more rice. Also these food items often last a long time so its a rather cheap food item.

Tomatoe sauce – This is great for making sauces/making food not so dry. You can make your own or buy, but a great food item to have at home!

Nuts and seeds – Essential fatty acids, protein, vitamins and minerals as well as being super tasty… what more could you ask for?! Also, nut butters are great to have at home… either make your own or buy!

Dried fruit – raisins, dates, apricots, prunes and the list goes on…. great to have at home and are a source of iron as well!

Oatmeal – a source of protein and carbs and super delicious, also contains some iron!!

Chia seeds, flax seeds – do i even need to say why these should be a staple food at home? Packed with vitamins and minerals and chia seeds are a source of essential fatty acids (but make sure to soak them and make a chia puding type thing otherwise your body cant break through the “shell” of the seed and wont get the essential fatty acids!)

Oatmilk/soy milk – often enriched with vitamins and minerals as well as calcium so great to have at home.

Oil – coconut oil/flaxseed oil/rapeseed oil. All of them have their different benefits but flax seed oil can be recommended as it has omega 3 which you need to make sure you are getting as a vegan!

Fresh fruit and vegetables/frozen vegetables – always have at home! Dont forget that you can freeze bananas. Also, fresh vegetables isnt always better than frozen… it depends on the vegetable. I usually buy fresh vegetables which are in season, and frozen vegetables if i dont like the in season vegetables.

And of course bread and crisp bread. Bread does contian vitamins and minerals and some protein (if you’re super worried about your protein intake, haha). And you can easily make your own bread for even more nutrients and vitamins as well as it being super delicious to eat.

Those items would be the staple items (that i can think of now). And then there are food items such as:

Fake meat products, soy products, tofu, vegan cheese, vegan butter, cereal, nutritional yeast, ketchup, sweet corn etc which arent necessary but sometimes nice to have at home!

And of course things like vegan chocolate, candy, popcorn, vegan chips can be a staple item if you want 🙂 I mean oreos are delicious!

And then there are supplements such as spirulina, nutritional yeast, chlorella, MSM, soy protein powder/pea protein powder, hemp protein powder, acai powder etc which you can have at home if you want to invest in them, but they arent a necessity. However a B12 supplement IS necessary if you are fully vegan, but i am sure you are already aware of that if you have made the choice to go vegan.

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  1. This post was really good – very useful! I have gradually managed to stock up my cupboard so now I have a good supply of the basic tinned and dried foods that can form the “base” of many meals.
    I have recently been experimenting rather with potatoes – now it is summer there are loads of varieties of new potatoes in the shops and it has been fun trying them out. I never realised a potato could be so different to another and I will be sorry to see the return to the “old” potatoes in the winter! My favourite so far is the Cornish Crystal new potato – delicious just washed and boiled and drizzled with “butter”. I will definitely be sad when they go out of season 😦


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