Vegan necklace -stand for vegan 


Necklaces and jewellery aren’t something i usually wear of have the patience to put on each day, however when i stumbled across the Stand for Vegan necklace i couldn’t help but love the simplicity of the necklace. Not to mention that 10% of the purchase goes to an animal charity, i have not done my research as to how the animal charities actually work i.e some charities spend more money on advertising than on actually helping the animals or the cause.

So far they only have this one necklace, however in the future i am sure they might begin to do other forms of jewellery.

It is a simple necklace which i love but also with a meaning behind it which is even better, not to mention that if someone asks where i got it, it’s the perfect conversation opener!




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  1. No, I don`t tend to wear much jewellery either – its so fiddly to put on! But this necklace looks really nice, and its good that a donation is made to an animal charity. And like you said – the necklace is a good conversation opener!


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