Vegan soft serve ice cream

Soft serve ice cream, that brings back alot of memories from my childhood.

On Friday evenings after school my mum would drive my sister and I 90 minutes into the closest town/city where we would meet our dad at his work place and hang around there while he continued with the last bits of his work. Then we would get dinner in the city and at times that would be followed by getting soft serve ice cream and walking through the small town in the evening, though it would always feel much later to me than it actually was. These are childhood memories i cherish just that little bit extra, i remember just how amazing the ice cream would taste and how happy i felt.

But then i developed my eating disorder and my happy memories of ice cream turned into ones where i would cry, scream and panic over ice cream. And since then i don’t think i have had soft serve ice cream, or i have had frozen yoghurt which i loved but never one of those cones where the ice cream comes out of the machine and looks so amazing!

When i heard about the event “licqourice vegan ice cream” in the city i live in, i knew i had to go there. Infact i was one of the first 5 customers Saturday afternoon, hahaha, and i am glad i came early because the line got longer very quickly and as i sat and ate my ice cream i saw how more and more people began to queue!

What can i say about the ice cream? It was amazing, just like soft serve ice cream! Did it taste like licqourice? Not that i can remember, i think i was a little to excited about the icream that i sort of ate it all without really thinking…. but it wasn’t an overwhelming amount of licourice taste, and you can get without the licqourice anyway!

Also i got it in a donut instead of a cup or cone, and the donut was soo good. Not like a freshly made donut, but not a stale donut either…. so a 7/10 donut, hahahah!


I would definitely go back for more and i am so glad it exists!!! 🙂 There are more and more places in Sweden which are beginning to sell vegan soft serve ice cream as well as other forms of vegan ice cream so usually its no problem if you are out with friends and they want ice cream!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Cara says:

    Wow you are so lucky to have somewhere like that where you live – it looks delicious!

    Also that red lipstick REALLY suits you 👍🏼😀


  2. You certainly look like “the cat that got the cream” with your ice cream 🙂 Glad you enjoyed it – it looked delicious!
    You are so lucky having places like this where you live!


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