Vgeanized english breakfast with recipes

According to Wikipedia (a very serious and credible site XD), an english breakfast includes bacon, sausages, egg and other cooked items such as tomatoes, mushrooms, baked beans, toast etc

This meal isn’t very vegan friendly, however is incredibly easy to make vegan! Yesterday i decided to use the ingredients i have at home to make a vegan english breakfast, which ended up being scones which i had baked a few days previously, scrambled tofu with a little too much chilli, rice paper bacon, my own version of baked beans, potatoes and some Tzay soy meat.

You can make a vegan english breakfast in many different ways i.e there is fake bacon  (i.e facon!) which you can buy however i have heard mixed reviews of it as it is made from seitan and not at all similar to real bacon, but neither is rice paper bacon. The recipe i sort of followed, but actually didnt, came from HERE. I am sure if you had all the ingredients and followed the recipe exactly they would have looked and tasted better!

Scrambled tofu, which is basically to just “mash” firm tofu so that it looks like a scramble, add tumeric/curry or black salt to give it that egg taste and then fry. But you can follow an actual recipe HERE and add things like kale and paprika to the scrambled tofu!

For the scones i didn’t follow a recipe as i have made scones so many times in my life that i know the measurements and ingredients rather well! They did turn out just a little too compact after a day, but when they came out of the oven and the first 24 hours they were amazing. You can find a recipe for vegan scones HERE!

And baked beans are vegan (make sure to check the ingreidents in case) however i didnt have any at home so i used a package of mixed beans and added grill sauce to them hahah!

And then you can always made some toast to have the baked beans on (so so good!) and grill tomatoes or mushrooms or buy some vegan sausages or make your own out of seitan 🙂

If you feel like a savoury brunch/breakfast this is perfect and you can make it according to your own preferances and likes 🙂 I.e if you want more grilled veggies or more scrambled tofu or what type of toast you want etc




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  1. This looks amazing Izzy – and 10/10 for creative thinking! Your food is certainly not “boring” !


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