Green smoothies recipes

For a week now i have been craving green smoothies like crazy and each time i saw someone post a green smoothie i craved it just that little bit extra. It was most likely because i have been sick with a cold so my body has wanted extra nutrients or maybe just because it is summer and there is something about smoothies and green smoothies which screams summer.

First off, also let me mention that green smoothies won’t detox you… that is what your liver is for and if your liver isn’t detoxing your body then you have a serious medical problem. However the green smoothies might make you feel more energetic, give you more fluid/water as well as more micronutrients which can make you feel more energetic and awake! So the smoothie won’t miraculously detox your body from alcohol, smoking, processed food and sugar etc however they sure taste good and can be drunk anyway just because they are delicious and healthy anyway!

Finally, Sunday evening i decided to go to the store and get ingredients for a green smoothie, however i had no idea what to buy. I wondered if frozen spinach worked, should i get cellery, what about avocado or frozen broccoli? 

Eventually i had to google green smoothie recipes to get some inspiration and i ended up buying pears, apples, bananas, watermelon, a smoothie mix (which i wouldn’t recommend because 1) it has so much plastic, 2) only 4 servings which is tiny and 3) i paid €4 for basically 4 small servings of frozen fruit which isn’t worth it in my opinion) and some dairy free yoghurt and milk as well as lime and ginger.


Then it was just to begin trying to make a smoothie when i got home. I didn’t follow a recipe but it turned out amazinlgy good, i am almost suprised, so i thought i would share the recipe! And also below some more recipes/inspiration for making green smoothies!



1 serving of frozen fruit mix (banana, pineapple, mango)

1/3 apple


Spinach, c.a 1 handful


c.a 50ml soya yoghurt

Oat milk, enough to make it smoothie like consistence!

Mix, serve, enjoy!




I’m planning on buying some more vanilla soy protein powder, so that can also be mixed into the smoothie. But also ingredients such as peanut butter, berries, cacao powder, oats, lemon, ice can all be mixed into the smoothies for different flavours and health benefits!!

Do you drink green smoothies? Do you have a favourite combo to share? 🙂



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  1. My partner brought me a juicer once and although I loved experimenting with it and trying out various fruit combinations I did find it worked out quite expensive. I love adding carrot to whatever combination I use as it gives such a lovely sweet flavour.
    I have never tried a green smoothie – I always believed they were so complicated to make but on seeing the info you have posted above I think I`ve changed my mind! Going to have to try making one now 🙂


  2. Tried spinach, banana and peanut butter made with hazelnut milk – takes a little getting used to at first but I quite liked it!


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