Vegan pie: Lentil, kale and sweet potato filling: Recipe

Despite a long day at work and spending almost the whole day standing on my feet/moving, at 9pm, only 2,5 hours after getting home that evening i decided to stand in the kitchen and make a pie!  I guess that’s what happens when cravings hit you hard and you have all the ingredients at home!! Sometimes you get a certain food stuck in your mind and you know you have to have some, and that was the case yesterday evening.

I didn’t follow an exact recipe, as usual… i just eyeballed everything and threw together in pots and pans and into the oven, but i will link a recipe to an actual vegan pie crust so you can atleast follow that 🙂


My pie crust consisted of flour, vegan margarine, baking powder (though i should have omitted this), salt and water. For an actual recipe with measurements you can check out THIS recipe.

I began with first cooking up green lentils and red lentils, garlic, onion, sweet potato and vegetable broth. Then i began making the pie dough and  used c.a 2/3 for the base and put it into the oven for c.a 10 minutes while the lentils continued to cook. Then i added kale, sweet corn, vegan cheese and some oat cream and corn starch. (Tip, only use “enough” water to cook the lentils, otherwise you need to pour it out as you don’t want the filling to be soggy!).

Then add the filling to the pie crust and roll out the rest of the top to make a lid and cover the filling/pie with and then into the oven for c.a 45 minutes on 200 degrees!

My best suggestion would be to follow an actual recipe, but my pie turned out delicious nonetheless, even if the dough was a little too heavy i.e a little too much flour, i prefer when its a bit thinner and flaky, but next time i’ll adjust that 🙂

It was the perfect night snack as well as i had for lunch and my after work/pre dinner “snack”, hence why half the pie is gone before i actually got a chance to take a photo of it in the light post dinner today! 🙂

Do you like savoury pies? What’s your favourite filling?


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  1. C. Mitchell says:

    I’m changing my diet with the hopes to be vegan soon and I need recipes! Luckily I stumbled upon this and I am so excited to try it!


  2. ||Jar|| says:

    Wow, just WOW. This looks amazing. I would like to do something similar (at least optically), but in fact, completely different because (if I have to say it in this stupid way) I am on the other side of the barricade and devoting paleo-kind-ish lifestyle.
    But I like yout blog, you have very reasonable and mature opinions.


  3. Cheese and onion pasties are my favourite – eaten hot or cold and sometimes with baked beans added to the filling.
    Also curried vegetable pie!
    I think your pie looks amazing and I marvel at the fact you are able to just create this without a recipe – have you thought about writing your own vegan cookery book? Your food is so creative and inspirational I`m sure it would be in great demand!


  4. Do you cook the kale before adding it to the pie?


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