Vegan chicken salad


One of my favourite dishes before i went vegan was chicken ceaser salad. It was the dish i almost always ordered when i went out to eat, not to mention a dish i loved making at home. As a vegan you can still eat a ceaser salad, but just without the chicken and animal products, instead you can use tofu, Frys chicken strips or Oumph as a chicken replacement, not to mention that there is vegan parmesan cheese and you can make your own ceaser dressing if you like that! Not complicated at all and even more delicious than ones which include chicken!

I love salads, however i don’t like eating just lettuce, tomatoes and cucumber. When i say i want and like salads i mean Real, filling and nutritious salads which are served in big bowls or plates and that contain mixed vegetables and salad leaves, protein source, carb source, fat source and preferably bread on the side. For example some of my favourite salad ingredients are tofu/soy meat, sweet potatoes, avocado, sweet corn, pickled onion, falafel, sun dried tomatoes and some seeds/nuts in there as well and maybe a dressing made from soy yoghurt/cream!! Thats the type of salad i like and want when i make or order a salad!


Below are some of the salads i’ve eaten and might give you inspiration on making your own salad!! Salad doesn’t have to mean low calorie or unsatisfying, fill your bowl with lots of delicious and filling food!

Also as a vegan, adding walnuts or flaxseed oil to your salads is a good way of getting some omega 3 into you 🙂 And if you add beans to your salad its good to combine with some bread for optimal protein intake/protein combining 🙂



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  1. Your salads look amazing! I love having either jacket potato or new potatoes with mine and also some cold sweetcorn, beetroot and cherry tomatoes. And of course then theres the bread – either thick cut slices or pitta breads are my favourites.


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