Eating intuitively – how and how to eat enough. 

Eating balanced, in moderation and intuitively…. this is a big question mark for many people.

Eating intuitively isn’t about following numbers or what others are doing, it’s about listening to your own body and the signs it gives you. Of course if you have a negative relationship with food or an eating disorder and your bodies signals aren’t how they should be i.e you don’t feel hubger or fullness or you don’t dare trust your body, then eating intuitively might not work or be right for you. It’s about trusting your body and the signals it gives you… knowing that somedays you may eat more than normal but that’s ok because it balances itself out. You don’t need to count calories or track or measure…. if you eat according to your body and mostly non processed food then your body should keep it’s balance.

For example, When I work I can’t eat as frequently or as much as I like, not to mention that I’m moving constantly so that means less calories consumed and more calories used. I.e not a happy body, which is why today I felt hungry in the morning when I first woke up, which I usually don’t feel unless I’ve done lots the day before. But also hunger non stop today, which I listened to and ate alot more for lunch as well. This is my bodies way of showing that I need more energy, by the constant hunger and by listening to that and eating more I am giving my body the energy it needs.
I can’t tell you what intuitive eating is for you as it’s about listening to your own body and the signs it gives you, but also trusting your body. Somedays that might mean eating 3 times and not needing or wanting a snack, other days it might mean needing 4 snacks through out the day and dessert! Listen to your body. 

Intuitive eating takes time and practice, it can be hard to trust your body and know how much you actually need, but dare to trust your body. Nourish it, rest when you need it, drink enough water, sleep, move your body!

Don’t compare your eating to anyone else’s because everyone needs different amounts. But also people feel best eating different diets, for example a vegan diet works for me but maybe other ways of eating work for you.  Some people feel best eating more high carb and others more high fat… only your body can tell you what works best for you. When I listen to my body I know I fuel myself properly… but also it’s the balance throughout the week that matters  as everyday is didferent. Somedays I’m more hungry and eat more and other days I’m less hungry and eat less but over a week it creates  a balance which makes me maintain my weight and be energetic everyday!!!.

Find what works best for YOU and keeps your body and mind healthy and energetic !!


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