Would I ever eat animal products again?

A question I’ve gotten many times from friends, family and on online is whether I would eat animal products again and my answer is a firm no, not knowingly anyway, mistakes happen. 

However does that mean that I never crave animal products? Unfortunately not. There are animal products in so many foods, sometimes it makes me so sad when I stop and think about how much in the stores contains animal products. I usually just focus on what I can eat and love the aisles with beans, lentils, grains and not to mention all the vegan food in the freeze section and dairy section…. I see so many alternatives and choices. But when I think about how little the vegan section actually is in comparison to all the animal products it really is few items. However I’m not complaining because compared to other countries there are so many vegan options available to me.

But back to the actual topic. 

When I get really hungry when working (in a food store, either cashier or putting the food in the aisles) and see all the different food I begin thinking, I’d like to eat that.  But then when I think about what it actually is I’m not so tempted anymore. But I see so many different products which I’d like to try but my conscious wouldn’t let me… not because of food anxiety/guilt, but because of the animal suffering. I mean I couldn’t knowingly eat dairy ice cream with a non vegan chocolate cake… but if you were to give me a vegan version of happily eat jt. So it’s more guilt over the animal suffering contributed to that food i.e non vegan food.

It’s so easy to get desensitivized when working with food because you begin to just see products and food… not what the food is actually made of. But also I often need to turn off my emotions and thoughts when working because sometimes I just want to try when I see all the meat, it makes me so sad so I need to turn all of that off and that makes you desensitivized.. .. just like everyone else who don’t care or know the truth.

So my honest answer is that yes, when I’m really hungry and see certain food infront of me I can think, I want to eat that. But then my second thought is… how can I make a vegan version instead or what options are there in the store that can fulfil that craving without the animal suffering. So I never actually buy or eat animal products even if I have had cravings for it.

This post may not be liked by some vegans, but that’s the truth for me. The fact that I don’t eat the animal products is what matters… but also that I don’t actually want to eat them. I only get cravings because my blood sugar drops and I’d eat just about anything to get my energy up again. When I’m full, have energy and not tired then I never crave non vegan food. But also, even if I am super hungry if I have the choice for vegan food that’s what i would choose 200% always. Also like mentioned above, if I ever do see something in the store and crave it then I just buy ingredients and make a vegan version at home and that works great!!

There is no need to eat meat or dairy or animal products!!! Especially not when there is infact alot of vegan food and products…. sure not as many as the non began options, but still… you aren’t restricted in anyway unless you make yourself be restricted!!!

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  1. One thing I have never really understood about vegan/vegetarian food is why, when that person does not eat meat (and is surely adverse to the taste/texture) there are so many non meat alternatives? I saw some quorn “fishless” fish fingers in the shop the other day and the box said they “look and taste like fish – but aren’t fish” – so why would a person want this?I find it quite confusing. Or is it that although a person doesn’t actually eat real meat, they are not against the taste?
    I don`t in any way mean my question to be rude, I just don`t understand this.


    1. Jo Mockford says:

      I think there area soooooooo many reasons for not wanting to eat animal products – e.g.welfare, environmentalism, health, dislike of taste / texture etc or a combination!!. So of course there are some vegans who like the taste / texture of meat or other animal products but choose not to eat it for various other reasons. Hence there being lots of faux meat products available -obv this is only my understanding and the reality might be different!


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