Simple vegan dinner: one pot lentils, one pot pasta, one pot soup.

At times it can feel like you have no energy or time to make dinner/lunch and would prefer to is u teat sandwiches or an oatmeal bowl, which there is nothing wrong with… but here is another suggestion for you. One pot pasta/one pot lentils or just one pot something.  This is what I make when I don’t have time or energy to cook or when I need to use up my left overs/little bits of different ingredients.

The recipe is just throw things into a pot, cook up and serve, Simple and usually nourishing.  For example I usually just use lentils, potatoes, vegetables, beans and then add crushed tomatoes and oat cream. It doesn’t take long to cook as well as very little dishes to be done afterwards and you can add whatever seasoning you like!! And the same goes for one pot pasta…. throw some pasta into a pot, add veggies or tofu or beans and let it cook together and then ready to serve and if you really want to limit dishes…. eat straight from the pot!!

My favourite at the moment is usually pearl couscous as the base, adding vegetables, beans, garlic and tofu and letting it cook together and then just serving with some more veggies and avocado!

So the next time you don’t feel like cooking or have small amounts of different foods left, through it in a pot and cook up!! 🙂

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  1. Great ideas for using up left overs! And you can`t go wrong with tinned tomatoes – definitely a store cupboard staple to have at home. Can form the base of so many meals and you can add whatever seasoning you like to ring the changes!


  2. have you ever had any real “disasters”? That is you have tried to create something from left overs and the combination just didn’t work?


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