Chocolate & ginger protein smoothie bowl

During summer when you wake up and already feel too warm and would like to just sit in the fridge for a while, then eating a warm bowl of oatmeal just doesn’t feel as tempting as it does on a cold morning in winter.

Of course you can make over night oats, chia oats, eat cereal, toast, fruit bowls, nice cream are cold breakfast options, but a new favourite is a cold smoothie bowl! Last week i decided to start drinking more green smoothies which i have infact done everyday since, but been changing the flavours and ingredients so not all the smoothies have been green.

The smoothie bowl i made a few days ago turned out so much better than i had anticipated even if it was just a “throw everything nice into the smoothie maker and hope for the best”, which you might notice is usually how i make my food, i.e just throw things together and hope that it turns out good!

The smoothie consisted of 2 frozen bananas (chopped up before you freeze them – so that the smoothie maker doesn’t break when mixing!), frozen mango, c.a 1/2 tbs peanut butter, ginger, spinach, chocolate protein powder, some cacao, a little bit of oatmilk and mix. The texture turned out creamy, the taste was the perfect chocolate amount and the colour hid the fact that there was spinach in there as well, hahah!  Using frozen bananas and frozen fruit is a good way to add creaminess to the smoothie bowls and if you use minimal liquid it has more of an ice cream texture rather than loose and more like a drinking smoothie!!

Give it a try and mix with ingredients and flavours and find your favourite combo!! Smoothies are a great way of getting lots of nutrients in as well as a few of your 5-a-day…. i mean smoothies are just a way of getting more fruit and vegetables into you so that you can eat even more throughout the day hahah!!


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  1. I love all the combinations you can make for smoothies – I have a thing for carrot and apple at the moment!
    And your smoothie bowl looks very creative and delicious!


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