Green smoothie recipe – banana & mango

Continuing on my green smoothie kick, no idea how long it will last…. until it begins getting colder i guess, then the last thing i want is a cold smoothie. However, i am loving them at the moment and loving how much energy i get from the smoothies, not to mention that i can get c.a 800ml-1l smoothie which means that it is filling, energy dense and nutritious!

Yesterdays green smoothie was combined with minipancakes, fruit, granola and of course peanut butter!


Green smoothie recipe:

2 frozen banana

c.a 1,5dl frozen mango



Soya yoghurt c.a 0,5dl

1/2 apple (though you can omit this for more creaminess and add 1 more frozen banana or more mango)

c.a 1/4tsb spirulina… mostly for the colour!

I think that was all i used, i may have missed an ingredient as i am writing this the day after, haha! But in all honesty, these smoothies don’t really need a recipe!!



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  1. I just love the colour of your smoothie!
    When you add chocolate to your smoothie – do you use chocolate spread or whole chocolate? And do you melt it first?
    I really like these smoothie posts – they give me ideas of what to try next. My blender gave up on me at the weekend so now I am going to buy a proper smoothie one, one of those new ninja bullets probably as I have heard they`re very good.
    Have you tried apricots in your mix? They`re delicious!


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