Vegan kex bar (chocolate wafer) recipe

In Sweden we have this chocolate bar called “Kex” which is a chocolate wafer bar, and is one of my favourite chocolate bars. One bar is 55g, but i could easily eat 3 at once because they just sort of melted in your mouth. Recently i have been having cravings for this dreamy chocolate bar, but of course not wanting the actual Kex bar due to the milk products in it, so instead… i decided to recreate it as best i could.


As usual, i didn’t follow a recipe instead just made what i thought would be similar to the chocolate bar, even if it differed a little of course!

The chocolate bar consists of waffers, some sort of chocolate cream and a chocolate coating, so thats what i tried to recreate… and of course using some peanut butter because you can never have too much peanut butter, but you can omit this part if you dont like peanut butter!

To recreate the chocolate cream inside i used chocolate soy protein powder with some water, this may not work for all protein powders but the one i have because sort of sticky and almost like a spread when you add just a bit of water maybe 3-4 tablespoons. . What you can use instead of protein powder? Maybe if you have powdered chocolate PB2, or maybe some form of nugatti or maybe make a chocolate frosting with margarnie, powdered sugar and cacao? But not making it too sweet because the chocolate coating will be sweet enough!

And finally, the chocolate coating!!


Ingredients: Makes 4 chocolate bars.
Wafers – i used 12

Chocolate – i used a whole 200g dark chocolate bar

1 scoop protein powder (c.a 30g) (can use chocolate flavour or use vanilla flavour and add some cacao). Or you could use some nut butter and mix with caocao. Or even chocolate mousse made from avocados/tofu or from aquafaba could work well if you don’t have or don’t want to use protein powder)

Peanut butter – mount unknown!

How to:

Start by melting the chocolate in a bowl ontop of boiling water – make sure the bowl/plate can take the heat and doesnt crack!

Mix together the protein powder with some water to make it gooey/paste like.

Put some of the protein powder mix onto one side of 2 different wafers. Put peanut butter on one side of another wafer, and then put together the 3 waffers.

Begin coating one side of the bar with the melted chocolate and then let freeze for c.a 10 minutes before coating the next side. Into the freezer for c.a 30 minutes before eating!!

Eat and enjoy!!

I have to say, even if this was simple to make it is one of the best recipes i have made because it was very similar to the bar and fixed my cravings as well! Also they were “melt in your mouth sort of” but also rather sweet and dense so just 1/2 of the bar was enough!!

I think there are infact vegan waffer bars to buy in stores, but it’s much more fun to make my own!!



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  1. ||Jar|| says:

    Yup, you can never have too much peanut butter!! Sadly, I cannot eat things like this, but it looks delicious.


  2. Could you use a chocolate spread like Nuttella for the chocolate “cream” inside?
    Or even omit the chocolate filling all together and just have peanut butter – I should imagine that would be yummy too!
    I love your ideas you have to re create vegan versions of food – any ideas how to make a vegan “Dime” bar?
    As a child I used to love those 🙂


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