Why do vegans eat fake meat?

I was asked in a comment why vegans eat fake meat if they don’t actually like meat?

I can’t answer for everybody on this, only myself, as all vegans are different and some eat fake meat while others are repulsed by it.

For me personally I am not vegan because I don’t like meat, infact I do like the taste of chicken and certain fish even if I can barely remember the taste as it’s been so long since I ate them. I am vegan because I don’t believe it’s right to eat animals. 

Fake meat may be very processed which some vegans are against, Though then they are usually health vegans and not so my h ethical vegans. However fake meat can also be fortified not to mention a great way to get protein and can often have c.a 20g (more or less) protein per 100g which is similar to chicken, protein wise, even if the aminoacids amount may not be the same (the nutrition need in me kicking in!)

So why eat fake meat?

It adds texture and different taste and flavours to meat. Often when just eating whole foods it can become sort of mushy one beans, lentils, over cooked vegetables and by adding fake meat it can add some different texture to the meal. However if you cook your whole foods right then you will go all the different textures and flavours you need without the fake meat!!

It can make it easier to eat out or with friends. For example if you are going grilling or to a friend’s for dinner it’s easier to just buy a vegan version of what they are making/eating for example vegan sausages or burgers or vegan mince. 

It can make different “normal” meals vegan. Example when you are a beginner vegan it can be easier to just veganized your favourite meals example buy vegan mince to make lasagne, buy vegan meat balls to make pasta and meat balls etc and then in the future maybe they will begin making lentil Bolognese or lasagne with lentils and bean burgers instead of vegan store bought burgers etc

It can make it easier for non vegans and beginner vegans to make the change. As first mentioned, many new vegans say they miss their old favourite or miss the chewiness of meat and so fake meat is a great option, not to mentiin not as time consuming to cook as it is with whole foods. It can be the first step towards a vegan diet and in time maybe more plants such as lentils, beans, vegetables, potatoes etc will be used to cook with.

Also when eating out many times seitan or soy meat products are used in dishes and are a great alternative/option.

Why people don’t eat fake meat?

They think it’s too processed. I.e unhealthy.

It’s too similar to meat and they don’t like the texture or taste of meat.

They prefer whole foods and cooking from scratch.

It’s expensive.

Allergic to soy, which is often the most common form of fake meat.

And many other reasons.

I personally like fake meat.  It saves me time, it adds chewiness to my meals, it tastes good! However I don’t understand the strange vegan fake meat that is shaped as fish or chicken or shrimps, that is far too realistic and off putting for me, but i know soke vegans do like it, so I guess it’s good that it’s available! We all like different foods! I prefer to cook with whole foods and use alot of vegetables, beans, lentils however fake meat is a good compliment but not something I have to eat or eat daily, usually just when I don’t have alot of time or inspiration to cook then I eat more of it! My favourite beans are oumph and tzay bit also the one product I tried from gardein was amazing but too expensive to actually buy!
So there you have some reasons why some might or might not eat fake meat!

What a your opinion on this? Do you eat it or not eat it?


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  1. Thanks for explaining Izzy – I have a better understanding now!


  2. aveganmegan says:

    Day to day, I skip the mock meats mainly because they’re more expensive than beans, lentils, tofu, and tempeh. But, I’m the only vegan in my life. So, if I’m going to a bbq, I’m bringing a premade veggie burger with me. If my family is making pulled pork sandwiches, I’m bringing some mock meat to turn into a vegan version. I’m not against them, I’m just usually too cheap to buy them over the whole food alternatives.


  3. Paul says:

    I understand proteins supplements. When I do understand someone who ate meat for a long period then switched using certain textures and seasonings to replicate taste and help with cravings. However after some time passes I feel that the idea is to dissociate with meat all together… One opinion is this is like an alcoholic switching to non-alcoholic beer, wine or mocktales because they want the taste. Or someone who quits smoking just vaping instead…
    Another big issue I have is that companies like Dr Marten sell vegan leather shoes. Basically rubber… And vegans purchase these items thinking they are living up to the expectations of the vegan beliefs. You can buy man made and plant based materials all you want. If they are manufactured by companies who process animal products. You are still supporting then use of animal products. Never mind the risk involved with eating or drinking substances so similar to those you are quiting. Such as relapse or sneaking just bite of something.
    I respect honesty. Hey I miss the taste. I wish there were humane ways to eat it but there isn’t so I don’t.
    It’s the self righteous ones who attack people who use or eat animal products and preach how perfect they are. Then put bees wax in there dreads or buy that $20 burger that looks, smells and tastes just like beef…


    1. My opinion is that as long as it’s vegan it’s ok to eat. Sure, you could look at the companies and not want to contribute to certain companies just because they also produce non vegan foods. However, by actually purchasing the vegan products you are showing a demand for vegan products and hopefully the companies will realise that. I don’t think vegans should be arguing amongst themselves about who is a better vegan… as long as we are all trying our best and for some people it is easier to eat fake meat and vegan cheese and dairy and there is nothing wrong with that. Isn’t it better that they eat fake meat instead of real meat? It sure is easier to buy a package of soy burgers if i am going out grilling with friends than to stand and make bean burgers when i have other things going on in my life. I think it is a great alternative and when people are making the switch to veganism it can make it easier when fake meat can have a similar texture and/or taste to meat compared to beans and lentils which can often lack texture unless prepared in special ways. Whatever helps more people decrease their consumption of meat and dairy should be appreciated and promoted. But of course, the more people who eat “whole foods” and natural foods the better for the health, but in the end a store bought soy burger is still vegan even if the company may make non vegan products as well. But everyone can make their own choice over how far they choose to go. For example, envelopes can have non vegan glue and medications aren’t vegan and i am sure other small items you wouldn’t even think of have some form of animal product in them, but it is up to each individual about how much energy they choose to put into those things. You have to be able to live as well. A long comment haha. But i do understand your point of view and i appreciate your comment and opinion 🙂


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