Vegan creamy ch*cken peanut curry with japenese sweet potatoes

Hello, and another simple “throw together what you have” recipe coming your way! By now you will have realized that my recipes, which aren’t really recipes, are usually very simple, easy to make and just using basic ingredients i have at home. Of course these ingredients may not be standard for you or in your household, but i almost always have potatoes, lentils, frozen vegetables,beans, peanut butter, oat cream and some form of frozen vegan meat or tofu! So this is what i base my meals on usually, as you notice from my food photos!

Today i was craving something creamy, i’ve seen so many creamy pasta dishes recently that i knew i had to make a similar dish but my style!

So i took out the ingredients i had at home and whipped together this simple but delicious dish!


Ingredients: 2 portions (or just one super hungry girl!)

Frys chicken strips – or you can use tofu or another form of vegan meat or just skip this and use the other ingredients



Oat cream/soya cream


Sweet corn

Peanut butter

Barbque/tomatoe sauce

Oil to fry and salt to season

Peanuts to top it with if you are a peanut addict like myself 

& potatoes/rice/pasta and veggies as the extra


I started by frying the ch*cken pieces in garlic and oil, then i added sweet corn and beans and continued to fry until they were crispy. Then added the oat cream, just enough so that it was “creamy” but not like soup, then added peanut butter and the barbecue sauce and mixed until it was nicely mixed together. 

While i did this i cooked brocoli and already had lentils prepared, but you could add the frozen or fresh vegetables to the pan with the beans and vegan chicken as well as add lentils so that it all becomes one mix instead of seperate like i did!

And serve when it is still warm.

It took me about 15 minutes to make as i already had the potatoes and the lentils pre cooked!

Also as an extra, it was my first time trying japanese sweet potato and i must say… i think it is my favourite type of sweet potato. It is hard to explain what it tasted like, but more “fresh” compared to the orange one, if that even makes sense!! haha. If you have tried different kinds of sweet potato, which is your favourite?




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  1. This looks really nice! Its amazing what you make from just a few simple ingrediants – very creative. I am definitely going to try this recipe myself, I have noticed my local supermarket now sells oat cream too.


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