Working with nutrition – knowing what i want to do with my life.

I may be young but i know what i want to do with my life.

This is in fact a rarity i have noticed, as most young people don’t know what they want to do and that is completely normal. If anything, i am the strange one.

Of course i don’t know where i will end up, what type of job i will have or how my job will change over the years but one thing i know is that i want to work with nutrition, helping people and most likely continue with social media and helping people with veganism and also helping people with eating disorders. My main focus of course will be health, overall health and balance with nutrition, exercise, mental well being. It is all connected and i know what it feels like to be unhealthy and unbalanced with all of those things and now when i am healthy and have that balance i just want to help everyone else to find that happiness and balance!

For a long time i have wanted to have my own business, however the older i get the more scared i become to actually have my own business and it feels like it would be easier to just sell myself into a company and work there. But then again, i don’t want to be controlled or told what to do. If i have my own company i would be my own boss, i could work online, i could travel and bring my work anywhere with me, i would do what i want to do and in the way i want to do it… even if i am sure there will be alot of trial and errors!


Recently i have been thinking that i would like to travel with my work. Do lectures in schools and companies about healthy eating, healthy lifestyle, the importance of sleep, not stressing, eating right, exercising. But also to have lectures in schools about eating disorders, self love and maybe even cooking lessons to teach more about plant based eating… because when i was in school i didn’t even know what veganism was or how to cook vegetarian, all i was taught was how to cook with meat and eggs and dairy.

Also to do more with social media and cooking, who knows maybe when i have my own place i will begin making more youtube and cooking/recipe videos or just general vlogging, i am not so sure if i will start with that or not. I have also thought about holding workshops both in Sweden and in other countries where i will have lectures about nutrition, hold workouts and just a “health weekend” or something like that. My mum has had a few of these retreats as she is a yoga teacher so i have begun brainstorming with her how it would be possible for me to do the same thing. However i feel like i want to have my bachelors before hand just so that i have some form of credentials to show up. I don’t think i will ever feel confident in my knowledge or feel like i can teach others something, but the best way to learn in my experience is to actually teach out what you know… to get questions that make you think or really dig into your knowledge source and if you don’t know the answer, it just means you have to do more research.

Whenever i am studying a certain topic i always get my family to ask me questions about that topic so that i can answer the questions and the questions i can’t answer are the areas i need to study more about! Being able to share and explain your knowledge helps both you and the other person to learn more!

I love working with nutrition but also helping others. I love knowing i can make a difference and help people feel healthier and more balanced, that is one of the best things i know and why i love what i am doing on social media so much because i know i am making a difference even if it may just be a small one!

I have no idea where i will end up or how my career path will change, but i am excited for it! I am excited to learn more and to begin working and reaching all my goals and dreams and helping people along the way!!


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  1. Veggienator says:

    I just graduated grade school, 9th grade, here in Sweden. We have home economics and learnt how to cook and we were taught an amazingly large amount about the environment and how your choices affect the rest of the world. Therefore we cooked 2/3 vegetarian and very often vegan! (sadly not because of ethical reasons, because sadly most people are extremely rude when the meat subject comes up) Which is pretty darn awesome! Sadly this is just one side effect the coin as I live in a very wealthy area and of course the education differ.


  2. adkinsdomain says:

    Hi! I agree with you that while eating healthy is always good, it quickly becomes unhealthy when your mind is not in the right place. I would so much rather have a “cheat day” or meal then loose my mind trying to simply “be healthy”. Happy blogging!


  3. I think its great that you know what you want to do in your life and have goals to work towards – makes all those hours of study worth while if you have some idea that it is taking you in the right direction.
    When does university start up again? Do you know what you will be studying this year and are you looking forward to going back now summer is nearly over?


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