Berry banana nice cream – recipe

The amount of oatmeal bowls i have had the past two months has dropped to about 10% of what i usually have. This is for many reasons, 1) the warm weather, 2) craving more savoury breakfasts, 3) eating later than usual, 4) early mornings at work i.e eating the food available at work for breakfast and 5) because ive become addicted to smoothies/smoothie bowls!

I am sure in winter i will be eating more oats again, but for now i am embracing this smoothie bowl high which i am on! My stomach can’t handle alot of fruit at once, so even if i would like to fill my smoothies with lots of bananas and fruit, i would end up with alot of stomach pain if i did that so at maximum i can have two bananas at once and the rest berries and vegetables – but you can add as much fruit as you like to yours!

Yesterdays smoothie bowl, which turned into a nice cream bowl was one of the best i have had so far.


2 frozen bananas

1 handful frozen berries

1 scoop protein powder


c.a 100ml oat drink

Mix and enjoy! It should only be “just enough” liquid so that it actually mixes, but not so much that it turns more into a drink than ice cream texture.

Then it is just to top with your favourite toppings, eat and enjoy!

Simple snack which doesn’t take long to make, isn’t overly expensive and if you add protein powder to the smoothie it adds protein to the meal and if you add nuts/nut butters/seeds it will add healthy fats, so that will make it more of a complete meal! You can of course omit both those things and just use fruit, there is nothing wrong with that either, but i thought i would add some nutritional advice and thoughts to the recipes i post as well – might as well share my knowledge even if it seems like too much detail and thought to just a tiny snack, when in all honesty… health isn’t in the details, health is in the overall and general habits. If that makes sense!


6 Comments Add yours

  1. ||Jar|| says:

    I’ve had the most perfect Banana and Cherry Nicecream the other day and it was delightful, so I believe that yours was jusu as good. Looks sooooo good, colourful and fun!


  2. adkinsdomain says:

    This looks so good! I will have to try it out! Thank you for sharing!


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