Vegan Ben and jerrys – my review

Finally it is my time to try vegan Ben and jerrys! I’ve been wishing and waiting for so long, thinking that i’d only get to eat it if I was in the U.S. But times have changed and vegan B&J is now available in Sweden!

First off, When it comes to Ben and jerrys it is very much the branding that makes people want it extra bad.  I mean there are ice creams which are just as good but cheaper, however Ben and jerrys just has that extra touch, and I personally have alot of memories attached to Ben and jerrys ice cream. On my bucket list when in recovery from my eating disorder was to try all the B&J flavours, but also other memories during my recovery such as the first time eating ice cream again in years etc so for me it’s not just the brand, but also that I have always loved their ice cream!

The 3 flavours available in Sweden at the moment are: peanut butter and cookies, chunky monkey and fudge brownie! Hopefully the other non dairy ones will come to Sweden as well!

So, they are made with almond milk as the base, which can only mean one thing…. delicious!

Review time:

Peanut butter and cookies! This flavour was amazing, 10/10 would eat the whole pot and still want more. It was perfectly creamy, not too sweet but had the perfect saltiness of the peanut butter and the crunch of the oreos. 4/4 vegans loved this and said it was the best flavour!!

Chocolate fudge brownie: I’m not a fan of chocolate ice cream, not even the dairy chocolate Ben and Jerry ice creams did I like, but this flavour was surprisingly good. If the peanut butter and cookie flavour wasn’t available I would definitely buy this flavour. It was perfectly creamy and a good chocolate taste, the only disappointing is that there weren’t enough brownie/fudge pieces, And let’s be honest…. you pay for all the extras and fillings in the ice cream. 8/10 and 4/4 vegans approved! If you’re a chocolate ice cream fan I’m sure you will love this flavour!

Chunky monkey: banana, walnut and chocolate. Once again creamy and delicious and tastes alot like banana, but not the fake banana candy taste, like banana and has the crunch of walnut. This flavour was ok, it wasn’t phenomenal but it was definitely an ok flavour. I wouldn’t personally spend my own money on this flavour, in fact I think if you were to make nice cream using some oat cream and added walnuts and chocolate you’d have an ice cream just as good, but cheaper and most likely healthier! So 6/10 from me, but the others liked the flavour as well, but it wasn’t a favourite.

Would i buy these again? Definitely the peanut butter and cookie one, I’m actually already dreaming about it and want some more! The pricing? 79kr i.e roughly 8 euro. People like to complain about the price but the fact is that Ben and jerrys isn’t a regular food in my house and even if it cost 4 euro I wouldn’t buy it weekly anyway so I don’t see the problem in spending that money maybe once a month.  It Makes it even more delicious then and makes you savour the ice cream more! Because lets be honest, I don’t see oatly or tofuline ice cream as a treat as it’s so cheap!

I was lucky that I love with two other vegans, So we all bought one flavour and tried them together! So that meant I could try all 3 flavours but not have to pay for them all because I’m not a huge ice cream fan and wouldn’t want 3 pots of ice cream just sitting in my freezer taking up place!

If you have the chance, try these flavours! Maybe you’ll like them better than the non dairy ones – hopefully!

I’ve also seen some comments that vegans are getting too hyped up about ice cream when they could be doing something for animal rights and liberation but my belief is that the more vegan products available, the more we show that vegan foods are desired and purchased but also might make it easier for non vegans to start buying and eating more vegan food. For example if people who buy dairy B&J regularly start buying the non dairy ones that would be amazing! It makes it easier for people to be vegan and want to try a vegan diet, and in all honesty who doesn’t like new vegan ice cream alternatives? Why complain about an amazing thing! 

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  1. You are so lucky! Not available in the UK yet – infact any non dairy icecream other than the glace soya is hard to find. I`m hoping the non dairy Ben and Jerry`s will arrive here sometime soon as the flavours you described sound gorgeous!
    You are quite right is saying that if more vegan foods were readily available even non vegans would have that choice/chance to try them themselves – and to try alternatives to the foods they already buy. I love it when a new product is available – my local supermarket has recently begun stocking “alternative” sausages so to date I have tried the lentil and spinach ones, which were surprisingly good.
    Enjoy you Ben and Jerry`s – you have waited so long for it! And hopefully it won`t be too long before its my turn !


  2. PS – Have you tried the new Oreo “thins” yet? Like the original biscuit but a lot thinner and some what crunchier!


  3. adkinsdomain says:

    Wow! this looks so good! It is awesome that they are finally making this!


    1. Yes! I love that I can now buy them if I crave some Ben and jerrys!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Hi Izzy – I saw two new flavours of Ben and Jerrys in the shop this morning – “sofa so good” and “strawberry swirl”.
    Not vegan but maybe they will include these too at some point – they sounded delicious – one had marshmallow chunks ! Don`t know whether these are new to you too?


    1. I haven’t seen those flavours in Sweden, but they are constantly coming with new flavours of the dairy Ben and Jerry ice creams! Hopefully more non dairy flavours will be available some time in the future 🙂


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