Smoothie recipe masterpost

As you know by now, i am on a smoothie-loving-high! The best type of snack or breakfast at the moment, and when i came across the two pictures below, i knew i had to share them with you as well. My smoothies never have any recipes and there are so many different combinations to try, so maybe you’ll find a combo which you love as well!

Now its just time to start making all the smoothies, and don’t forget all the important toppings!!!

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  1. whatismaria says:

    This is incredible – I’ve never been a massive smoothie person but this has inspired me to try loads of new recipes 🙂 I love your blog and insta account as a whole btw, they’re so vibrant and informative and make me happy ahah xox


  2. Wow – so many smoothies, so many choices – where do you start??
    Love this. Some of them are so simple too, takes the mystery away of how to create delicious tasting smoothies and I bet they are not a patch on the ones you can buy in the shops.
    Thanks for finding and sharing this!


    1. Home made smoothies are always so much better than the store bought ones!! Ive bought a few green smoothies in cafes and in stores and they don’t compare to the ones I make myself, not to mention that they are crazy expensive haha


  3. adkinsdomain says:

    Love these diagrams!


  4. Could you use crunchy peanut butter or is it better to use smooth?


    1. Crunchy works as well 🙂


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