Vegan dinner ideas – simple and easy to make for many. Tacos and fajitas.

When you are vegan there may be times when you need to make food for many and have no ideas what to make. You want to impress the maybe non vegans, but you also don’t want it to take forever to prepare as well as not being overly expensive.

What you make also depends on who your guests are, for example are you making food for people who are 50+ or people who don’t like to “make their own” food at the table i.e rather be served a plate with the food already on, then maybe these suggestions aren’t the most appropriate, but there are still plenty of other food ideas you can make!

Food ideas, if you are making for many who are maybe younger, then vegan tacos or fajitas are a great idea.

For tacos you can use soy meat or make your own vegan bolognaise using lentils and sweet potato or using beans or even using walnuts you can make a walnut mince! And then just a whole bunch of veggies, guacamole, sauce, bread etc And then people can just choose what they want to eat.




My second idea is fajitas which i ate this evening with my family. We used pulled Oumph and marinated jackfruit and then we had veggies, oat cream, garlic bread, pita bread and of course oven roasted potatoes! It is simple to make, doesn’t take long to make and is delicious so what’s not to love!



Other ideas are making burgers or quesadillas or small tapas dishes such as using tofu, potatoes, vegetable skewers, hummus, guacamole, tzatziki, different crackers, vegan cheese/cashew cheese, vegan meatballs, vegan chorizos etc And you can of course use lentils and beans to make your own vegan meatballs or patties and skip the fake meat!!

Do you have any good suggestions for making vegan food for many people? A meal to impress and feed many!



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  1. adkinsdomain says:

    Beautiful pictures! The last one looks so yummy!


  2. When I had family round for dinner last I made a huge vegetable chilli with lots of side dishes such as pitta breads, garlic bread, salads, coleslaw, taco shells, nacho chips, rice and baked potatoes. This way everyone could choose whatever they wanted yet still eat a filling meal and because it was a serve yourself meal it made the whole thing so much easier! Spaggeti bolognaise or lasagne is another idea because you can add side dishes such as salads, potatoes, veggies and breads. Chinese food would be another, although maybe not as simple and you can have different side dishes to choose from with that as well – such as different stir fried veg, pancake rolls, rices etc.
    Your meal looked lovely – so colourful and appetising!


  3. Little Chef says:

    Looks like you had one heck of a feast! 😍
    So delicious!


    1. It was very delicious 🙂


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