Vegan apparel – wearbarebones vegan t-shirt

When it comes to vegan apparel i’m pretty sure i have more than some people.who have been vegans for several years. By this stage I think I have 3 vegan t-shirts, a necklace and a bag with vegan motive. All of those I have bought myself but recently I collaborated with I’ve been following then for a long time on Instagram and eyeing their collection  jealously, so when they asked if I wanted to collaborate of course I said yes it’s a brand with clothing I love and a company i believe in and support in.

I ordered the black sporty vegan t-shirt, link here. The past week I’ve worn the too 4 times I think, i.e more than any other clothing item!

It’s sporty so can be worn to the gym but also for just normal casual wear or for a comfy clothing at home. I do think the too is rather outgoing and well, it’s hard to miss that you are a vegan when you have the top on, so how comfortable I would feel wearing it if meeting new people who I don’t know how they feel about vegans I’m not sure. But at the same when you first look at the top you just think it’s an Adidas top.

It’s a comfortable fit and I took a size medium as the clothing is a smaller size than usual so I would recommend to go up a size just in case!

Once the “eat plants” jumper is back in stock I need to get it as I love it and perfect for winter and autumn and a cosy clothing item for early morning lectures as well as a secret vegan propaganda jumper hahah!

Picture from:

If you want to purchase a clothing item or other item from them you can use the code ” ITSAHEALTHYLIFESTYLE ” for 15% off! I’d highly recommend it, And I don’t co-operate with companies I don’t believe in and wouldn’t recommend or try to sell something if I didn’t truly like it or believe in it myself! And of course I don’t earn anything or get any money from this, just recommending a vegan clothing brand if you want to add some vegan apparel to your wardrobe!

If you are vegan, do you wear vegan clothing or do you think it’s too much/too outgoing?

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  1. I love your t-shirt, it really suits you! Why not wear clothing stating your loves and beliefs – after all people wear replica football shirts or ones with bands/pop groups on all the time, so why not vegan clothing? It looks good and its different – so I say carry on wearing them if that’s what you like, and its a talking point when meeting new people!


    1. That’s very true. However i think some people can feel like I’m “pushing veganism into their face” when I wear a t-shirt like that. I shouldn’t care but I do kind of haha. So in some situations it’s fine but in others I think it can be too much hahah! But it is a conversation opener as you say!


  2. ……..and I like the phone case on their web site too. Are you going to get one of these Izzy?


    1. I do like the phone case however I have a phone case which works amazingly for when I drop my phone (happens all the time!) So I don’t date change my phone case incase it doesn’t work/protect my phone when I drop it haha! 💕


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