Mahalo – vegan cafe in Stockholm 

If you are ever in Stockholm and are vegan or just like to eat plant based or.more healthy meals then I highly recommend the cafe “Mahalo” on Hornsgatan 61.


It’s a vegan cafe which has lots to offer for lunch there cakes are usually amazing, both taste and appearance! My favourite thing to eat there is one of their salads, I used to make my own salad but now I love their Buddha bowl salad and of course the sweet potato fries are a must! My sister usually gets an acai bowl or pitaya bowl so I’ve tried some of that and it’s amazing as well as beautiful, what’s not to love!

They also have sandwiches, burgers and sometimes pancakes and springrolls not to mention their amazing smoothies or milkshakes, unicorn latte and cakes. There is something there for everyone so to say depending on if you want sweet or savoury!

This post of course isn’t sponsored, it’s just a cafe I personally love and go to each time I am in Stockholm!

When I was there on Friday however they were a little under staffed so we had to wait a rather long time but that was just a once off and won’t stop me from going back, the food is usually amazing so even if I had to wait a while it was still worth it!


I love places that are completely vegan so you can just eat everything and not think about what you need to avoid or need to double check and make sure there is no milk or egg or honey hidden in the food/ingredients!

I think I’ll make a post about places to eat in Stockholm and Gothenburg as a vegan of anyone would be in interested in that! Like a reference if you ever do visit these cities!


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  1. adkinsdomain says:

    Wow that looks absolutely incredible! I want to eat all of it!


    1. It’s amazing there! One of my favourite places 😍😍

      Liked by 1 person

      1. adkinsdomain says:

        I can see why!


  2. The food here looks amazing – just the aray of colours just makes you want to eat it! The cakes look incredible – are those edible flowers on top?
    A review about your favourite eating places would be so interesting – you could become one of those “secret” restaurant critiques!
    I love it that you post things like this and are so jealous you have such good restaurants in Sweden. I don`t think places like this/ of this standard exist here so I really love seeing the places you have!
    I think if one were to open up here I would be a regular customer – I can see why you like going to this one so much. Is the cost of the food reasonable? I can imagine you have had many an enjoyable meal there!
    Thanks for sharing 🙂


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