Peanut butter baked tofu

As my previous post was a post about tofu and the benefits (and negatives), i thought i would share a recent recipe/food i ate which was peanut butter baked tofu.

The recipe is as simple as it sounds, but that’s what makes it perfect! Few ingredients, simple and a delicious thai inspired dish!



Firm tofu

Peanut butter – smooth works best


Soy sauce

Little bit of sweet chili sauce and lime for taste. Can add a bit of sugar or example maple syrup if you want to make it just a little bit sweeter, however the sweet chilli sauce often has sugar and adds a bit of sweetness.


How to:

First begin with pressing the tofu so that it will take the flavour of the sauce better. Do this by putting something heavy over the tofu. Example, take out the block of tofu, place it on a plate and then some baking paper on top and then a heavy book or a huge iron pot ontop and let it press for 30- 60 minutes.

In the mean while, making the sauce. No exact ingredients, unfortunately but s.a 1/2 dl (50ml??) peanut butter and then just add the rest of the ingredients according to taste c.a 1-2 tbs of all the ingredients and c.a 1/2 tsb ground ginger.

Mix together and wait until the tofu is pressed.

When the tofu has been “pressed”, coat it into the pieces you want and coat with the sauce and place onto a baking sheet and bake c.a 30 minutes in 200 degrees celsius. Turn over the tofu after c.a 15 minutes!

If you have sauce over, coat even more once the tofu is finished baking.

Add noodles or vegetables or potatoes to complete the meal!!


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  1. This looks and sounds really delicious – I love satay sauce so I`m going to give this a go. I`ll let you know how it turns out as it`ll be my first time eating tofu 🙂


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