What i eat in a day – Vegan

As these types of posts have been requested and seemed to be enjoyed I’ll try make it a weekly thing (and who knows, in the future when i have my own place i might start making vlogs or what i eat in a day videos!), but also vary what days i do it on for example the days i work 10 hours compared to my free days, and then my workout days vs. my rest days.

Yesterday i had an 8 hour work day and did a 30minute run and this was how i ate:

Breakfast: c.a 2dl oatmeal with 1tbs peanut butter, 1 banana, frozen beries, some nuts and raisins and oatmilk.

Snack: some bread with vegan cheese and butter

Lunch: Beetroot pasta & tofu in a peanut/liquid smoke sauce, garlic bread & broccoli. (Ate 3 of the slices of garlic bread, not all 5).

Dinner: At work. Same as dinner but minus the garlic bread and with salad instead of broccoli.

Post work snack (i.e around 10.30pm): Beetroot humus, sweet potato fries, baked potato wedges and peppers & the last 2 garlic bread slices.

This was my day of eating yesterday and followed my cravings of wanted garlic bread and wanted to try the beetroot pasta which i have seen so many times but never actually bought – i don’t think i’ll buy it again though, hahah!

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  1. I love the idea of the beetroot pasta – adds such colour! Did you make the garlic bread yourself? I used to be able to buy tikka bread but they`ve stopped selling it now – its like garlic bread but made with a tikka paste instead.
    Your days menu looks lovely – very appetising and wholesome 🙂
    – And a vlog when you can would be great!


  2. – if you were to be making bean crispbakes with sweet potato, would you boil the potatoes first and just fork them through or would you grate a raw potato? I want to make my own but I`m not sure what to do with the potato – ie cook it first or use it raw?


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