Prebiotics vs. probiotics

Probiotics are great and help keep the bacteria in your intestines healthy (i.e more good bacteria than bad ones!), and new studies have shown that that bacteria actually plays a HUGE roll in behaviour and mood. If you ever take anti biotics or have a period of lots of stress then i suggest everyone to buy probiotic pills and take them for a while, though the unfortunate thing is that just a 2 week course of anti biotics can take up to 1-2 years to regain all those good bacteria, which is one of the reasons i am very anti antibiotics and prefer to take other options. The capsule form/probiotic pills are supposedly very good, i take them everyday anyway but i also eat yoghurt with probiotics.. but i think it can be very hard to get enough probiotics through just food as there is a very limited amount which actually has them. But some of the foods which have probiotics are:
sourkraut, fermented foods and sourdough bread apparently, as well as yoghurt.

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  1. I have found taking probiotics really helps my IBS symptoms. I like saurakraut so maybe I can boost my intake by having that too. Interesting post – thank you!


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