Veganism is only restrictive if you make it restrictive – Finding alternatives and focus on what you CAN eat, not on restricting and what you can’t eat

I’m pretty sure I’ve made posts about this before but it doesn’t hurt to repeat the message.

Many believe that a vegan diet is restrictive and I believed that for many years, it was one of the main reasons I didn’t want to go vegan. If you have a history with an eating disorder or disordered eating then the last thing you want to do is start reatrciribg certain foods or food groups. I thought that if I went vegan I wouldn’t be able to get all the nutrients or energy I needed to be healthy, That clearly isn’t the case.  I recently had blood tests done and everything was in the healthy range! Of course veganism CAN be restrictive if you have alot of allergies or other illnesses which affect your absorption of vitamins and minerals or if you so suffer from IBS and are very sensitive towards finer rich foods. I did teat a FODMAP diet as a vegan for my university course and I can say those 3 days were fun when it came to eating or my energy levels as I was very restricted so in those situations, Yes veganism can be restrictive. 

And in some countries the range of vegan foods available isn’t as high as it is in countries such as Australia, L.A, Berlin, Sweden where you can find vegan options in most places and all types of alternative options so you definitely arent restricted.  But in some countries, Yes the range of vegan fake products may not be so high, however there will always be vegetables, fruits, grains, beans, lentils etc so you will still be able to eat a nutritious and filling vegan diet (And a cheaper one because all the fake vegan foods are expensive and very processed, not that there is anything wrong with that!)

When it  comes to a vegan diet it’s about finding alternatives. You don’t just take away food without replacing it with something… otherwise thats when the problems appear. I.e if you take away meat from your diet replace it with tofu or seitan or soy meat. If you take away dairy milk and yoghurt it replace it with non dairy alternatives. If you take away butter and cheese from your diet replace it with example vegan butter and vegan cheese or maybe avocado or hummus etc

 A plant based diet isnt about eating super healthy or low calorie, it’s about not eating animal products and that also includes honey, kollagen, gelatine, e120, beeswax, whey etc

Any type of eating will be restrictive if you have an unhealthy mindset. If you are scared of food then it doesn’t matter what type of way you eat, it will still be restrictive so don’t blame a vegan diet. But like mentioned if you have allergies or illnesses then yes, a vegan diet may not be recommended because so many foods are taken away from your diet and you can’t reach the required amount of vitamins and minerals but otherwise it shouldn’t be restrictive unless you make it a restrictive diet.

See all of the things you CAN eat! See all of the alternatives and options and replace the animal products with alternatives! You can still eat ice cream, chocolate, pancakes, burgers etc and that’s what I try to show with my social media as well!!!

Also a reminder, You can always eat meat and dairy nothing is stopping you. I see it more as I don’t want to eat those foods, they are always there and available to buy and eat but I don’t want to. I also don’t see the reason in eating them if I don’t have to and when there are so many alternatives!!

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  1. I totally agree with you – its just about finding an alternative to what you are used to. I personally love the alternatives to things like sausages and other “standard” meat dishes – they are so much more interesting and flavoursome!
    There is such a wide scope to eating plant based meals and I think its great that the shops here are gradually increasing their ranges of alternative foods. I saw a programme on tv the other evening where they were discussing food of the future and they predicted tht in say, thirty years from now we would all be eating “artificial meat” – ie meat grown rather than an animal killed for it.


  2. Laura says:

    Hey Izzy, I absolutely share your opinion. In the supermarkets are already so many great alternatives for dairy, meat and eggs. Recently I decided to go vegan, because I just can’t bear it any longer that animals have to suffer just because I want to eat certain things. You really inspired me in my choice and I am glad that I found your blog. Have a nice day:)


  3. Great post, I really enjoyed reading. Great t-shirt too by the way!


  4. Pascalle J. says:

    I have been vegetarian for years and recently started looking into veganism as well. It’s a nice journey, I will also start blogging about it on my new blog. I followed you because your blog is inspiring. By the way, I really like that shirt!


  5. I found some new raw fruit and seed vegan cereal bars in the shop this morning – really pleased with that and can`t wait to try them! In fact the shop is carrying more and more whole food/ vegan lines which is really good, and they have actually started selling vegan cheese.
    When it comes to vegan spread (butter/margarine) what do you use? There are several oil based non dairy spreads available but don`t know which one is best.


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