When you feel bad about your body – bad body image days 

No matter how body positive you may be i believe everyone has bad body image days. Often these days and feelings aren’t even about your body, instead maybe you feel tired, stressed, anxious, nervous or just feel more bloated than normal and not “like yourself”.

So the problem usually isn’t your body but that you have certain feelings or emotions.

How to cope on those days? 

First off remember that you are more than your body.  And your body is just a way for you to live life and do the things you want. The important thing is that your body is healthy and functions the way it should. And how it looks really doesn’t matter so much in comparison.

On bad body image days it’s important to take care of your body and treat it properly, not resort to destructive behaviours.  It’s even more important to feed yourself nourishing food, drink enough water, rest and be kind to yourself.

Try to think positive thoughts about yourself. Even if you may feel strange in your body or not how you look at this moment in time, try to think back to when you did feel good in your body and remember that these feelings and days will pass. And if you are bloated or retaining water that will also pass! Try to say kind  and positive things about yourself and your body! Thinking negative thoughts won’t help at all!
Also try to say kind things about YOU. What are you good at, What are your talents and positive things about yourself as a person. Because you are so much more than your body and taking focus a way from your body and appearance can be very helpful to remind you that you are more than the way you look!

Try to wear comfortable clothes and make yourself feel good. Take a long shower, moisturize, wash your hair, wear comfy clothes whether that means dressing up and doing your hair and putting on lipstick to “fake it till you make it” or whether that means wearing loose clothes and a hair in a bun, do what makes you feel best! I personally dress up and do the “fake it till you make it” when I have bad body image days. And surprisingly, just straightening my hair and putting on lipstick can make a huge difference to how I feel!

Get some fresh air and exercise.  Just moving your body whether it’s walking, yoga, going to the gym, running, stretching etc it can make you feel thankful for your body and what it can do rather than focusing on appearance and how your body looks. But also getting some fresh air and getting out into nature, doing something other than thinking about your body will help you get your mind on other things and hopefully feel better. Also your be surprised at how much a walk can help you think differently and more positively! So put on some good music or a podcast and go for a walk!

Also take some time to be thankful for your body. I hate doing the whole “people have jt worse so you should be happy/cant feel sad” thing. But think about people the people who are in wheel chairs or who cant move their body or are missing limbs or are sick and in hospital…. they’d do anything to have a functioning body with scars and cellulite and bloating, anything to have a body that works/is healthy. So be thankful for your body and try to forget your appearance for a while.

For some, looking in the mirror and thinking positive thoughts is helpful, for others they avoid mirrors and reflective items until they feel better, So do what works best for you. I personally avoid mirrors and turn my back to the mirrors when I’m at the gym on these days!

And lastly, try figure out why you feel this way. Is it stress? Anxiety? Tiredness? Need to eat more? Nervousness? Figuring out why you feel the way you do can help to limit these bad body image days!

These feelings will pass. Be kind to yourself, Take care of your body and don’t resort to destructive behaviours!

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  1. Getting out of the house and going for a walk definitely helps me – takes my mind off how I`m feeling and fills my head with new thoughts. the worst thing you can do is “wallow” – that just makes how you feel ten times worse.
    Distraction and a change of scene is definitely key, even if you don`t feel like making the effort to do something you have to make yourself, and if you do chances are you end up feeling a lot better for it!


  2. adkinsdomain says:

    Great tips! I really enjoyed this post and love your encouragement to pursue who you already are and do what you need to do for yourself. Very positive and encouraging outlook on a potentially negative topic. Love!!


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