Items you wouldn’t think aren’t vegan

The longer you are vegan, the more you learn how many items have animal products in them. When you first go vegan its hard enough with the food part and just trying to avoid the hidden honey and milk powder in certain food items. You don’t have energy or time to start thinking about all the other items you may be buying that aren’t vegan. But DON’T fret about those, you will learn.

Also remember for most of these items you wouldn’t expect they’re not vegan and unless you do your research you would think they’re fine. I read a comment a few days ago that said “just expect that everything has animal products so you do your research and can be happily surprised when it is vegan” and I feel like that is the case.

However there are many items which are vegan which you would expect to have animal products in them, so it goes both ways!

Also my best suggestion, join vegan Facebook groups. By sharing information with each other you learn so much more and can help each other 🙂

Matches. I’ve heard that matches can contain gelatin or “animal glue”, HOWEVER when i am googling i really can’t find anything that proves this apart from forums so whether this was just in the past i don’t know and i guess the best thing is to email the company directly to ask or just buy lighters!

Tampons and pads. Many mainstream companies test on animals and i think something with the bleaching of the pads is tested on animals/not vegan. Crazy in my opinion…. i mean why do these types of products need to be tested on animals? But you can read more about curelty free menstruation products HERE and HERE  (Most tampons are made from cotton which is bleached with chlorine, and chlorine is tested on animals From THIS post.)

Stearin lights. They can contain beeswax or animal derived stearic acid. Go for soya lights instead. PETA has a page with some companies that sell vegan stearin lights.  PAGE

Razor blades. Some companies test on animals and the “smoothing gel”/patch may have glycerine. Read more HERE

Chewing gum: Ive made the mistake of buying non vegan chewing gum before as i just presumed it was all vegan, apart from maybe the flavoured strawberry ones. But turns out some gums have glycerin, stearic acid or even lanolin or beeswax. Though i think all Extra chewing gum is vegan 🙂


Do you want me to make more posts like this? Not to make veganism hard or scary or make you doubt every purcahse and have to double check everything you buy, but to make it easier for you. Because if you don’t know then you won’t think of these things, but by mentioning them then you are aware of them and i can link to websites with companies that are vegan so you atleast know which companies are safe? 🙂

DO you know any other “everyday” items that you would think are vegan but arent? 🙂


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  1. Paige Marie Bentley says:

    It would be great to have a post with a list of suprising vegan and non-vegan products. I’ve recently decided to make the switch to as many vegan and cruelty free products as possible, but it’s so tricky! Managed to get my family to agree for the most. Thank you so much for all your knowledge that you’ve shared, it’s eye opening and inspirational! I intend to go full out food vegan too, once I’ve got to a healthier weight after being poorly. Can’t wait! I’m vegetarian already, which I guess is better than eating meat. 😀


  2. adkinsdomain says:

    Chewing gum was probably the most surprising to me of this list. I vote more more posts like this one!


  3. Recently a new type of five pound notes came out here made of different materials than the old paper money and there was quite a debate going on as to whether the new notes were vegan or not. I personally would never have thought of that – I mean you just don`t think animal products are necessary in the manufacturing of paper money, would you? But that is seemingly not the case!
    Yes – a list/ hints/tips about what has animal products and what hasn’t would be so useful. I have been caught out several times over things I just didn’t think would possibly contain animal products and often in he most unlikely of products.
    Interesting post and very useful!


  4. One product that surprised me was just normal everyday refined white sugar. Apparently it is often made with the charred remains of cattle bones! So to avoid the likelihood of non vegan white sugar buy brown instead as this isn’t milled with cattle bones.


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