Vegan cauliflower buffalo wings

If someone tells you that cauliflower wings is the same as chicken wings, you have the right to argue against them because the truth is,  they don’t. Vegan food most often doesn’t taste like the actual animal/dairy product it is trying to copy, but that doesnt mean that the vegan option is disgusting or tasteless, it is just different. I also amn’t a huge fan of the actual taste of meat or dairy so for me it doesn’t matter, for others it might be harder if they really want chicken wings and someone tells them to make cauliflower wings. However, i can recommend the bran Gardein chicken wings/nuggets as they taste amazing, or Oumph has amazing vegan fake meat alternatives!


When it comes to vegan food, accept that it is vegan and it will taste different but it can also taste super amazing, it is an alternative and embrace that!

Today, after a long time of wanting to make buffalo cauliflower wings i finally made them. I followed the recipe from Hot for Food, which has a whole range of amazing recipes and i can’t wait until their recipe book is released next year as i am sure it will be amazing! (Their youtube account with recipes is a great way to learn to cook more vegan!)

As it is not my recipe, the link to the recipe is HERE . All i can say is TRY THEM.

It is not as complicated to make as you think, the only thing is that it takes some time i.e c.a 50 minutes in total of baking time, but find a good series which is 20 minutes long and you have time to watch 2 episodes during the time they are cooking, or do some studying or reading or cleaning while they bake!:)

Combine with some yummy dipping sauce and you have a delicious snack or part of a meal!

If you want to see a video of how they are made, press HERE




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  1. These cauliflower wings look amazing and so different! I love seeing and finding out about all the new foods I could try and can`t wait to try these.


    1. If you try them let me know what you think 🙂


  2. Colin says:

    I have been looking for a good cauliflower buffalo wings! Thanks for sharing!


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