Vegan dishes to make when inviting people for dinner.

One of the top struggles for me with eating vegan food is knowing what to make when i have friends/family over i.e making food for others.

I personally love beans, potatoes, lentils, vegetables and am happy to just eat “ingredients” on a plate or just add some sauce on top, mix it all together and i am happy. Of course most other people aren’t as enthusiastic about just eating beans and lentils as they are and would rather do something more with them. So whenever i need to make food for others i never know what to do because i know that are tastes and food preferences are most likely very different. Not to mention when i want to impress someone who eats meat and dairy, then i need the food to be extra good so that i can slowly convert them to eating more plant based, hahaha!

I know i made a post similar to this before, but i thought i would share 2 of the foods i ate recently with my sister. Luckily she already eats alot of plant based and she knows how i eat so she didn’t have any high expectations of the food i would be offering, but she was pleasantly surprised nonetheless!

First off, summer rolls. Either you can make them yourself and let them cool in the fridge and make some sauce with them before serving, or do like i usually do. Cut up the vegetables you plan to use, have the tofu/soy/seitan ready and cut up, have hot water ready so you can soak the rice paper and then place everything on the table so you can make the food while you eat. This might get a little messy if it is more than 2 people but it works well if it’s just two or 3 people! Learning how to roll summer rolls? Patience and practise is key and also not over filling the rice paper – they aren’t tacos!!! Also finding the right rice paper, some are so thin that they break almost immediately while others are stronger and don’t break so easily!


Second: Vegetable skewers, salad and garlic bread. Maybe this meal isnt the best when it’s winter and cold, but then maybe a coconut and lentil soup with some freshly baked bread? How to: Cut up the vegetables, potatoes, tofu/soy/seitan you plan to use and put them on the sticks and then into the oven (you might have to bake the potatoes first before putting them onto the sticks as the potatoes take longer to cook). Make or buy garlic bread. Make a salad or some more roasted vegetables in the oven and then make some sauce such as tzatsiki, hummus etc


Third: I dont have a picture of this, but the idea hit me right now. Pita bread, oven roasted vegetables, falafel/soy meat balls/pulled jack fruit/ other similar option & tzatziki and fill the pita bread! A little messy maybe if it’s a first date type of meal, but with friends it can work great!

Fourth, of course tacos or pizza or quesadillas work well if you are with friends. Maybe not so much if you are making food for work colleagues or trying to impress someone alot. Then maybe going for a pad thai, creamy pasta dish or even tapas type of food could work well!!

I hope this helps and is some inspiration if you don’t know what to make when inviting others for dinner!!


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  1. Some lovely ideas and I particularly like the idea of making your own and then eating summer rolls. Food with others should be a social occasion and this definitely fits the bill as you can chat and eat at the same time!
    Personally I have had most success with making pasta dishes such as spaggetti bolognaise or lasagne with garlic bread and lots of different side salads – it is easy to serve and some of it can be made ahead of time so all you have to do is pop it into the oven or take from the fridge. Also I find serve yourself meals a lot easier when cooking for more than one other – takes away a lot of the stress that you would get if having a plated meal.


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