Vegan potato nachos recipe

Who doesn’t love nachos, and who doesn’t love potatoes? So why not combine them and make soemthing even better? Of course this is not something “new”, i have seen many people make and eat potato nachos and i have done it several times before, but i thought i would advise you all to try it someday!

The best is to slice the potatoes very thin and use a little oil and seasalt and let them get crunchy while baking in the oven. Mine didn’t turn out the way i wanted. I originally wanted to make sweet potato nachos but i had run out of sweet potato, and then when i did make the nachos using regular potatoes i used a little too much oil and they didnt get crispy. But they turned out delicious anyway so it was all ok!


For the “mince” i used soy mince and a mix of black beans, but you can use whatever you like for example red lentils mixed with sweet potato, or crumbled tofu, or seitan mince, or quinoa mince or you can even make a sort of “mince/crumble” using nuts, or just go for a mix of beans which you can fry in some seasoning and add some tomato sauce! Whatever flavour and texture preferance you prefer!

And then top with all your favourite nacho toppings for example avocado, oat creme fraiche, sweet corn, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, tomato salsa etc etc You can even assemble everything onto a pan and then put cheese ontop and back into the oven 5 minutes to let the cheese melt and then you have a perfect platter to serve for either just yourself or for a group of people! And you can of course go for regular nacho chips, most of the plain just salted nacho chips are vegan – but read the ingredients just in case!


It’s easy to make, requires little use of plates and pots/pans i.e less washing, doesn’t take long to make as well as can make 1 serving, 4 servings or 10 servings  haha!


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  1. This is a really good meal idea! I love nachos and its also ideal for using up leftover cooked potatoes.
    Heinz have brought out a new range of tinned bean varieties and their Mexican beans would work well with this recipe.


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