September and my goals for the rest of the year

It is safe to say that summer has now passed in Sweden and the only chance of 20 degrees or more is if you travel to a warmer country. I am a person who loves summer, sun and warm days so i am saddened that once again summer has passed far too quickly and i am left questioning what i have done these past few months. But my answer to that is work… all summer i have worked, but that is part of adult life and i am not complaining. I did enjoy my work and learnt alot as well as it is always nice to feel independent and know that you have earned your own money! But hopefully next year i get to travel somewhere during the summer or atleast do more than just work!

So now that it is autumn, school has begun again it is time to set some more goals for the month as well as for the remaining 4 months of the year. I like having goals as they give me a sort of direction and make me work towards the things i want. I usually have both short term and long term goals such as weekly goals, monthly goals and yearly goals and then of course there are the “in the future i hope to….” achieve type of goals.

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My weekly and monthly goals all go together into my rest of the year goals so i will share them here below!

Focus on life and living. During summer it is easy to spend alot of time on social media but now when i have other things to focus on as well as more time to meet friends that is where my focus will be. Focusing on my real life friends, but also making sure to keep in contact with my online friends aswell. Social media isn’t a bad thing, i love it and don’t feel negatively affected by it, but i do know i spend too much time online so limiting that time will be a good thing. But also, when i am with friends, family etc then focus on the person/people and put my phone away. I have the terrible habit of answering messages or checking my phone too often when i am around with people, but it is a very rude and inconsiderate habit which i plant o do less of.

Fix my blog and try to write a few blog posts a week. Unlike my previous blog where i tried to do 2-3 posts a day, i am just happy if i can write a few posts a week. As this isn’t a personal or diary type of blog it is not so easy to write daily posts as i need to think of ideas, and then when it comes to nutrition posts it can take me 1,5-2 hours to write a post as it requires all the sources and such. But i want to find a balance of different types of posts and make time to post. Maybe i will do a weekly thing instead such as

Mondays:  Recipe

Tuesday: nutrition post

Wednesday: What i eat in a day

Thursday: Vegan post such as vegan products or food or things you can do to make a difference.

Friday, Maybe one product you didn’t think was vegan that actually is, and one product you would think is vegan but actually isnt etc

Saturday, Sunday…… some type of post, haha. Hit me with ideas! Maybe another recipe post or a meal prep post or maybe i can write a specific nutritional/food idea post and maybe one day about exercise or my exercise or something like that!

Less caffeine: So far this goal is going very well, mostly because coffee has been giving me stomach pain  and i havent felt like paying for an energy drink everyday. So i’ve been having 1, Max 2 cups of coffee per day and compared to my 4+cups ive had in the past this is a good amount. Not that coffee is necessarily bad, but it is never good to be addicted and feel like i can’t function without it!

Running: During summer i didn’t run as much as i had wanted or planned, but when you have 8-10 hour work shifts where you are moving/standing for95% of that time the last thing you want to do is go running after your work shift. So instead it was just focus on strength training, but now when i spend most of my days sitting and studying/relaxing i have more energy to begin running again, so will be doing a mix of intervals and steady state! After just a week of getting back into the habit of running i can feel a difference and i love it!

Regular sleep routine: Going to sleep at a decent time and waking up at a decent time is something i need to work on. My sleep routine is completely off at the moment, though i blame it on anxiety, so i havent been falling asleep until 1 or 2am and then waking up at 8 or 9am which is very unlike me (who in the past usually woke up at 6am without an alarm!). So now it is time to try to get into the habit of falling asleep around 11 or atleast at the latest 12 and getting up at 6 or 7am!

Focus on studying – but don’t let it take over my life. I am good at studying, i don’t have a problem with sitting down and spending several hours getting all my work and assignments done. The problem i have is ONLY doing that and feeling like i amn’t doing enough. I’ve almost finished 2 assignments which aren’t even due until the end of next week, of course this is only a positive thing and i havent neglected other things in my life by focusing on those asssingments, but it is easy for me to begin on assignments that aren’t even due until a months time and then stressing and feeling like i amn’t doing enough and not meeting friends or relaxing just because i want to work on the assignment when i have enough time to do it all. So more balance even if school work will always be my first priority! It is important to live life and make time for people as well!

Less fake meat – more beans & lentils. I love beans and lentils and whole grains, but i have gotten into the expensive habit of eating far too much fake meat. This isn’t a bad thing health wise, but money wise it is not a good thing. So now i want to start making more soups, veggie burgers falafels, roast beans etc and buy in season vegetables again, because lets be honest… watermelon, blueberries, strawberries and bananas aren’t the most environmentally friendly fruits to buy in Sweden unless the blueberries and strawberries come from  Sweden, which they most of the time don’t if you are buying the cheaper kind.


And other goals include trying to find time to do reading for a drivers liscense and the theories/rules etc Travelling to Stockholm if i have the time. Getting out in nature and not just being at home, school or the gym!


Do you have any goals for the rest of the year?

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  1. Lily says:

    Nice to read something personal again, even though this is not a diary blog:)my goals personally are: trying to not overstress myself unnecessarily, going out more often, and trying to accept myself and other people more:)


    1. Those are some great goals 🙂 I don’t plan to make this a personal blog so don’t know about those types of posts. But never say never, I’m still trying to figure out what I want to do with this blog:)


  2. I agree – it was nice to read a more personal post 🙂
    My goals for the rest of the year are to sort out a few niggling health matters I have and actually make it to the doctors instead of making an appointment and then cancelling it. Also to get my check up at the dentist – long overdue!
    Also to get back into doing my cross stitch work – I love doing this but haven’t done any for a long time. So my aim is to start stitching my Christmas cards for this year. I love spending time designing then creating different designs, I find it so relaxing but have neglected it of late.
    On a more personal level it is to learn to “let go” more and stop trying to change things that cannot be changed – to remember that things happen sometimes in life that I can`t control or are responsible for so it is to learn to have a different attitude towards such events. And to allow people to help me and for me not to feel that I have to do it all myself or that only I can do something when in reality others are only too pleased to help out and are quite capable too!
    And studying – I have similar problems to you Izzy where I just want to get on with assignments even if they are not due for a while – and to do what is necessary but not to study quite so in depth when it isn’t called for.
    And to sort out my ever expanding collection of books and part with those I know I`m never going to read again. I love books but have far too many and they desperately need sorting out. So maybe that is one job for this week considering the weather forecast for the next few days is wet and miserable!


  3. Rachel Carter says:

    I really love reading some more personal posts – I miss your exercise and mental health type posts. I’m glad you’re still doing goal posts – they’re really inspiring!


    1. Thank you 🙂 though this isn’t so much a personal blog so don’t know about the person posts but I can try so more mental health posts!


  4. Some mental health posts and maybe some posts about positivity would be good! I also like the goal posts you sometimes do as it is good to share our aims and also reading about others is inspiring!

    My own goals are to sort out some health matters I have by actually going to see my doctor instead of making the appointment and cancelling it. Not to put it off any longer. And also to get my check up done at the dentist – long over due!
    To sort my ever expanding collection of books out and to part with those I know I am never going to read again. I have got far too many I am running out of room for them – I just love my books!

    To stop trying to change things that cannot be changed – ie out of my control and learn to react better to these situations. And to ask and accept help from others, not feel as though I have to do it all myself when in reality others are only to pleased (and capable) of helping me.

    By this time next year to have moved house. We are looking at the moment but haven’t found anywhere we both like enough to make the jump of moving, but it would be nice to find somewhere nice that we both like.

    To stop studying so much in depth that isn’t called for or necessary and to generally ease up a bit. When I am interested in a subject I tend to do a lot of outside reading of it and then stress myself that I am not learning enough about the subject. So to stick to what my course is asking of me and know that I am doing enough.

    And to bake more! I have just finished making a birthday cake – I haven’t made a cake in ages and I had forgotten how much I enjoy it!


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