“Real food” vs “fake food”

Food…. there are so many labels and rules and names for food. Good and bad, healthy and unhealthy, clean and unclean and now real vs fake.

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It is easy to use these names because let’s be honest, we all know that a banana is “healthier” than a deep fried snickers bar, but if the only thing you are eating is bananas compared to having a balanced lifestyle and you eat a deep fried snickers bar once, then that only banana diet is most likely unhealthier than a more balanced diet.

And the clean vs. unclean food….. i’ve never really understood? But i am guessing the clean foods are the ones that are unprocessed, don’t have e numbers or additives or preservatives. But the truth is, those foods are added for a reason…. they preserve the food and even fruit is often sprayed with chemicals to keep pesticides and bugs away, and most food has salt or other preservatives so that it actually lasts, that doesn’t make it a bad or unhealthy food.

And then the food terms i have recently gotten irritated over, real food vs fake food. What does that even mean? Apparently there is a book written about this, but i have not read the book or the summary of the book so i have no idea what the author defines as real food or fake food.

But what is fake food? Food that is indigestible, is plastic or just whatever that isn’t supposed to be eaten such as plastic vegetables or for example the cakes and pastries in cafe windows that often aren’t edible because they are coated in something to preserve them. Or maybe you could even define meat as “fake food”, because really it shouldn’t be food…. but i guess that’s a definition you get to make for yourself.

Processed food, sugary foods…. it is not fake food, it is still food. Should your diet be based on just these foods? No. Do i recommend eating them? If you enjoy them, eat them in a balanced way but they don’t have to be a part of your diet… you can make your own versions, but you dont have to cut them out completely if you enjoy them.

Upon googling, i did see that one definition of fake food was food that says it contains something but contains very little of it or non at all. For example the crab meat that most often isn’t crab and is usually just a mix of white fish, or the fresh blueberry smoothie that only has 2% blueberries or the minced meat which is made from horse instead of cow. I can understand if these get labelled as “fake food” or something similar because the contents of the package/food is not what it claims to be and that is deception and wrong, but then it is more “wrong labelling” or “false advertising”, because the food is still real, just not what the package claims it contains.

I don’t like labelling foods, even if at times it makes it easier when comparing different foods or like mentioned above… when you know that the nutritional value in one food is better than the other then it is easy to say that it is better and/or healthier for you. But no one food will make you healthy or unhealthy, just like no one food will make you gain or lose weight, it is all about eating foods in balance. Sure, some foods have a better nutritional value compared to others but as long as you aren’t only eating foods with low nutritional value then you will be fine.

Skip the labelling of food and just see it as food, it is neither good nor bad unless you have an illness or allergy so that you can’t digest or absorb the food.

This is my thoughts on real food vs fake food and other labelling of food. 

I can understand if people want to say that only “whole foods” (once again, what does that label even mean? What definition does it have? Are the other foods called half foods then? non whole foods?), such as the food that comes from trees and plants and grow from the ground and arent processed or GMO, that those are “real food” because no one has done anything to effect them. However the truth is that now a days the only non chemical foods you will get are the ones you grow yourself and then you are most likely going to need to use pesticides anyway to keep insects away. There is nothing wrong if you want to focus on these foods, and instead i encourage you to have vegetables, fruits, grains, legumes, wheat as the base of your diet but that doesn’t mean that the other food is bad, unhealthy or fake just because it is made in a factory. For example frozen vegetables and fruits, they are all pacakged and cleaned in a factory, that doesnt make them less of foods just because they have been processed in factories!

No more labelling of foods!

What is your opinion on this and the labelling of food? 


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  1. katiehanson says:

    Food is food! Yes some things are more “healthy” for you from a nutritional point of view, but I would never say chocolate or cakes were “bad” or not “real” foods, it’s all about moderation and making balanced choices 🙂


  2. It is all about balance and a bit of common sense. True some foods are better for you from a nutritional point of view but that doesn’t mean that you have to avoid food like cakes, biscuits, crisps, fries etc at all costs! I think society has gone a little label crazy and the simple pleasures of food are being forgotten. Food is sustanance and too much of any one thing isn’t good for you, whether that’s biscuits and crisps or eating just veggies. I don`t see that anyone should be made to feel guilty just because they indulge in a plate of fries once in a while, nor should anyone feel superior just because they live on salad.
    Rather than labelling foods good and bad I think society is in diire need of an education about how to eat – its about balance and common sense!


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  4. FOOD is Food! Yes!!!


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